Sonic Adventure 1 EX is a remake of Sonic Adventure DX developed by Sega's Sonic Team for the PC, PS4, PSP, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo 3ds. It is full remix however as it is more of an Expansion with the original seven storys being exstended and adds seven new never before seen story's to the game feachering seven characters that came after Sonic Adventure also a mini story with Chaos and tells the story of why he betreade Eggman However so there is no confusion this Game is Non Canon and is more of a What if Story than an entry in the franchise.


 Playable characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

The main hero of the game with supersonic speed. Sonic's story revolves around Dr. Eggman releasing Chaos from the Master Emerald. Sonic battles Eggman and Chaos in an effort to save Earth, as well as finding the Chaos Emeralds before they do. Sonic has the most stages of any character (the only stage Sonic does not go to is Hot Shelter), and his levels involve high speed gameplay.

Unlockable Characters

Miles "Tails" Prower

After Sonic rescues Tails from Emerald Coast after a "Tornado" prototype experiment goes wrong (and crashes), the latter sets out to help Sonic collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop Chaos. Most of his levels are abridged versions of Sonic's, which require him to reach the end of the level before Sonic (or Eggman in the last action stage) can.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald and one of the main protagonists after Sonic and Tails. The Master Emerald shatters when Eggman frees Chaos and Tikal's spirit from within it, causing Angel Island to fall out of the sky. Knuckles' goal is to reassemble the shards of the Master Emerald. His stages are enclosed areas where Knuckles must find shards of the Master Emerald. He can glide through the air and scale most walls.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is walking through Station Square one day when a tiny blue Flicky falls from the sky and lands on her head. It is discovered that Dr. Eggman needed this Flicky (nicknamed "Birdie" by Amy) because of the Chaos Emerald in its pendant. Amy and Birdie must escapeZERO, one of Eggman's robots. Her primary weapon from Sonic the Fighters, the Piko Piko Hammer, returns. Amy is considered to have the shortest story since she has fewer levels than the other characters, despite their length being second only to Sonic's. Amy's levels involve a few puzzles, while going though lanes and paths. Usually ZERO comes in the most surprising ways, to try and capture Amy. The usual goal is to find the yellow balloons at the end of the levels.

Big the Cat

Big the Cat is a newcomer to the Sonic series. Big's best friend is a frog namedFroggy, who became possessed by Chaos' tail, and swallows his "lucky charm", a Chaos Emerald, which causes him to mutate. Froggy then runs off, and Big's story begins.

His levels involve using his fishing pole to try and catch Froggy, although he can also choose to try and catch big fish, with score bonuses based on size.

E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma is one among a series of Eggman robots designed to take orders without question. After an encounter with Amy, he suffers a malfunction and gains a "conscience". He then turns his aim to destroying his robotic brothers and freeing the animals trapped inside them. "Gamma" is one of the letters in the Greek alphabet. Gamma's levels are shooting levels in which the player races against the clock to get to the end and destroy the target (usually one of the other E-Series robots). Players gain time depending on how many enemies they shoot in a row/chain by using the lock on feature that Gamma has.

Metal Sonic

The secret enemy of Sonic was about created by Dr. Eggman, he released the great speed and to search the other rival who knows about chaos emerald three missing, force of robot to reclamed all them. The Gameplay to uses Metal Sonic force speed and power to mission, send the DNA and build Cyber to destroy Sonic,

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow the Rival to Sonic and the Ultiment Life form. Encounters the Good Doctor Eggman on the Egg Carrier where Eggman shows off Chaos the God of Destrution to encounter Eggman's former ally however as much as Shadow keeps knocking the Water Monster down Chaos keeps getting back up. Eggman revels it is impossible to Kill Chaos and Shadow is forced to retret Knowing that This Chaos could bring destruction to the Earth witch would meen Shadow would lose his promiss to Maria to keep the world happy and haveing a score to settle with Chaos Shadow sets a mission to destroy Chaos to show that not even a God of Destrution can beat the Ultiment Lifeform.

For the Most Part Shadow plays like Sonic however he has different atacks like the Chaos Blast the goal is to destroy as much enamys as possible to get the better score.

Silver the Hedgehog 

The Hedgehog of the future, In that same Future Silver lived peacefuly with its inhabadents however one day a Water Monster woke from the Master Emarold and destroyed it useing the power of Time Travel Selver travels back in time to find and destroy the monster before it was sealed in the Master Emarold witch means it would not destroy the future. Once he arived in the Present Silver starts his mission to find and destory the monster. Silver's gameplay feachers his Telaconitics solveing platform puzzles to get to the end.

Rouge the Bat

The Jewl Thef, Rouge is on two mission's one is to find the peaces of Omega that Eggman stole [witch in this story the E-Series is based on Omega and Eggman destoryed and copied Omega to create the others ] and the second to undercover what Eggman is up to, she latter finds it at the form of Chaos knowing this is not going to be easy to find the Omega Peace's Rouge has to be slow and stady to collect them so Gun can repare Omega. Her Gameplay is inspied by the Metal Gear franchise she must advoid Eggmans lights to the Omega Peace but she can still atack enemys.

Blaze the Cat

the Princess and the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Blaze and the Soul Emeralds are pulled into Sonics Dimengion when Eggman who wants more power for Chaos wounders what happens if Chaos abbsores the Soul and Chaos emarolds would he become stronger ?. Blaze does not want that to happen so she goes to try to find the Soul Emarolds to get back to her Dimengion and not let Chaos abbsorbe any of them. Blazes Gameplay is a speed one like Sonic and Shadow however hers is 2d and she can use her Flames the goal is to reach the end.

Cream the Rabbit

The Best Freind of Amy, one day Cream best Freind Cheese dissiperd Cream wanting to find him goes in sertch for her freind. even doe her story is simmler to Bigs when it comes to the plot she does some of the most imporent things and she learns about Chaos and his realationship with the Chose . her Gameplay is that she flys useing her bunny ears to the goals.

Vector the Crocodile 

The head of Chaotix, Vector and his friends Charmy and Espio where Campeing unknowely on Angel Island when Chaos was freed the resulting crash when the island landed coused him and his freinds to get separated now wanting to find his pals Vector searches for Clues to there whereabouts while some annoining Frog constanley eats some of the Clues,Vectors Gameplay is simmler to his normal moveset from Heroes with extra atacks and his Goal is mission base to try to find the goal.

E-123 Omega

The great fiest robot was created by Eggman, Omega catch the Cream the Rabbit to each mission, Shadow was attack by robots and "Omega" cannot find the E-102 Gamma haves been blow up, gameplay with E-123 Omega, uses claw to destroy all enemys and uses rocket and cannon, list the Metal Sonic was about to control all the Robots and Omega can Stop us.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic is unlocked after the stories of the other characters have been completed. The story is a continuation of Sonic's story and brings all of the characters together to face Perfect Chaos. When in his Super State, Sonic moves faster and attacks by gaining speed and ramming into Perfect Chaos. Super Sonic was originally going to be playable in the Action Stages (implied by an unused voice clip explaining how to turn into Super Sonic) but was scrapped, most likely due to time constraints.

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