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Sonic Adventure: Tropical Rush it's a platform game made by Sonic Team. It's only available for the Nintendo 3DS as well, being a sequel for Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS.


Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine were on vacation and decided to rest in the Tropical Island. Suddenly, Dr. Eggman threw two cannon balls and eventually destroyed the boat they were sailing. Then they fainted and fell asleep in the sea. When they awoke, they were stuck on a desert island full of palm trees. While they were there, Dr. Eggman took advantage and created several robots to conquer the universe once again.


As soon as the player takes control of Sonic, the player is given a tutorial from Tails. As such, the player has the option of skipping the tutorial. Tails gives the player a water bike upon completion of the tutorial.

  • A/X - Jump
  • B/Y - Homing Attack
  • Down buttons - Crouch
  • Down buttons + A/X - Spin Dash (Click repeatedly for more velocity, then release it)
  • L and R - Makes you see a bit of both sides depending the button you press (L for the left, R for the right)
  • Press A/X two times - Double Jump 

NOTE: Tails can't double jump, however he can fly pressing jump button five times.


Picture Name Description Ability
SonicSmashBros Sonic This Blue Blur back with a new adventure! He's ready to destroy Eggman plans. Sonic can walk on water by running on it.
Ctails Miles  Miles Prower, also known as "Tails", it's Sonic best sidekick and he's there to fly over the bots. Tails can fly by pressing A/X five times.
Blaze the Cat Blaze A capable pyrokinetic princess from another dimension. Though she used to be tense and overly-responsible, Sonic and the gang showed her how to make friends when they first met. Blaze have fire moves.
TBA Marine - Marine can fall slowy with her tail.
  • (You can help me by adding a description for Marine in comments.)

Main Menu

  • Story Mode - There you can explore the main mode to defeat Eggman.
  • Multiplayer Mode - You can adventure or battle with another players with Internet!
    • Adventure
    • Battle
  • Streetpass Trade - You can trade items and rare elements with Streetpass only.
  • Options - You can change some elements on the game.

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