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Sonic Adventure: Quest for the Master Emerald
Developer(s) Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions, Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
TBA 2012
Story Mode, Free Mode, Multiplayer Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, 3D Platformer
Media Included Wii- Optical Disc

Sonic Adventure: Quest for the Master Emerald is a Sonic game developed by Sonic Team with the help of Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions. The game recreates the 3D gameplay and different stories from Sonic Adventure, like in the Dreamcast game, upgrades will return.


It all begins with Sonic, Tails and Amy chatting on Station Square when suddenly the doctor Eggman interrupts the city's activity by announcing that he had created the machine that would allow him to rule the world once and for all, which was powered by the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic and his friends decide to go to Angel Island. According to the legend, the Master Emerald had the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds. If Knuckles used the Emerald to stop them, Eggman's plan would be ruined. Just then, Metal Sonic flies in, shatters the Master Emerald in front of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, absorbs the pieces thanks to a built-in Emerald Shard Vacuum and flees. Luckily, Sonic manages to Homing Attack Metal Sonic, causing him to drop some pieces of the Master Emerald.

The plan now is to rebuild the Master Emerald as quick as possible so Sonic suggests to split up and look for them when Shadow, Silver, Rouge and Blaze show up. Silver tells the group that they had seen what happened to the Master Emerald and they have offered themselves to help Sonic and the rest. Sonic thanks them and then the eight take their routes to find the pieces of the Master Emerald.

Gameplay and controls

The player must use the characters to get through the levels and reach the Goal Ring, where the Master Emerald shard awaits. Each character has his/her own abilities and gameplay features.


The game uses the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck as default controls but the player can also play with the Classic Controller and/or the Gamecube controller.

  • A button: Jump
  • B button: Attack or use certain abilities
  • Control Stick: Move character
  • Z button: Duck
  • D-pad: Press up to zoom up into FPW
  • C button: Center view

Playable characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Once again, Sonic takes on another journey to save the planet from the mischievous Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic.

Gameplay features

Sonic's levels recreate the classic Sonic Adventure environments with gameplay elements from more recent games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. He can use the Homing Attack, the Slide and the Wall Jump. The Sonic Boost and the Quick Step are only usable for certain sections where Sonic goes full speed.


  • Light Bracelet (A golden bracelet for Sonic's right wrist): Allows Sonic to perform the Light Dash. To perform it, the player must press the B button near a line of Rings.
  • Stomp Soles (Grey steel soles for Sonic's shoes): Allows Sonic to perform the Stomp. To perform it, the player must press the Z button in midair.
  • Tornado Wings (White wings with a green orb for Sonic's shoes): Allows Sonic to perform the Break Typhoon. To perform it, the player must shake the Wii Remote and keep shaking it to make Sonic spin longer until he gets dizzy. This ability can be used to trigger certain switches.
  • Electric Gem (A yellow jewel for the Light Bracelet): Enchances Sonic's Light Dash by creating an electric barrier around Sonic when he performs the Light Dash. This barrier allows him to damage enemies by ramming into them and also protects him for enemy projectiles.
  • Aerodynamic Spikes (Light blue metallic coating for Sonic's spikes): Allows Sonic to perform a Quick Step in mid-air during the high speed sections.
  • Ancient Light: Allows Sonic to use the Light Speed Attack. To perform it, press and hold the Z button until Sonic begins to glow then release it near a bunch of enemies.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails decides to go solo for this adventure. Luckily he can always use his tails to fly around along with his self-made gadgets.

Gameplay features

Tails can use his tails to fly for a limited time or as a close-range attack and an arm cannon that shoots Dummy Rings at the enemies.


  • Rythm Badge (A purple badge that goes on Tails' chest fur): Allows Tails to use his Tail Attack for a longer time.
  • Jet Ankle (Grey jet boosters for Tails' ankles): Increases Tails' Flight speed.
  • Propeller Tails (A yellow-ish white ring for Tails' right tail): Allows Tails to lauch himself vertically (Required for places where Tails must fly but hasn't got enough space to do so). To perform it, shake the Wii Remote in mid-air.
  • Homing Scope (A red sniper scope for Tails' arm cannon): Allows Tails' Dummy Rings to lock on enemies.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles goes to restore the Master Emerald one more time to foil Dr Eggman's plan.

Gameplay features

Unlike the other characters, which find only one piece of the Master Emerald in each level, Knuckles has to explore the level to find three pieces. Said pieces act as checkpoints, that means if Knuckles loses a life after getting a piece of the Master Emerald, this piece won't be lost.


  • Shovel Claws (Grey metallic coating for Knuckles' gloves, the gloves' spikes get larger and resemble shovels): Allows Knuckles to dig. To perform it, shake the Wii Remote where desired.
  • Sunglasses (Blue goggles for Knuckles' eyes): Allows Knuckles to see hidden treasures
  • Air Necklace (A grey necklace-styled oxygen bottle for Knuckles' neck): Allows Knuckles to breathe underwater for an unlimited time.
  • Jet Glider (White jet wings for Knuckles' back): Increases Knuckles' gliding speed and allows him to use the Drill Dive attack. To perform it, press the B button while gliding.
  • Hammer Gloves (Metallic accesories for Knuckles' knuckles): Increases Knuckles' attack power, allowing him to break metal boxes and enemy shields.

Amy Rose

Amy decides to help Sonic rebuilding the Master Emerald in a hope to impress him.

Gameplay features

Eggman has rebuilt Zero to chase Sonic but due to a programming error, it goes after Amy instead. Amy will have to reach the Escape Balloon to flee from Zero and get the Master Emerald piece. Luckily, she can use her Piko Piko hammer to break through almost anything.


  • Warrior Feather (A hairpin with a pair of feathers for Amy's hair): Allows Amy to use the Hammer Spin Attack. To perform it, press and hold the B button.
  • Cloak Belt (A grey belt for Amy's dress): Allows Amy to turn invisible for a limited time. To perform it, she must stand on an Invisibility Panel and press the B Button.
  • Megaton Hammer (Amy's big hammer from Sonic Advance 3): Enchances the Piko Piko hammer's attack and range power
  • Lock-on Shoes (Pink shoes with wings for Amy's feet): Allows Amy to use the Homing Attack with her hammer.

Shadow the Hedgehog

We don't know what's Shadow's real purposes to help Sonic but at least he's not with Eggman.

Gameplay features

Shadow's levels cater on using weapons and vehicles to reach the Goal Ring, much like in his own spin-off game.


  • Air Shoes (A pair of shoes similar to Shadow's): Allows Shadow to use the Light Dash. To perform it, press the B button near a line of Rings.
  • Memory Shards: Allow Shadow to use his Chaos abilities.
  • Flame Ring (A golden ring with a red gem for Shadow's right wrist): Allows Shadow to use the Fire Somersault.

Rouge the Bat

Fortunately, Rouge won't try to run off with the Emerald pieces she collects. She'd rather prefer to steal the whole Master Emerald.

Gameplay features

Like Knuckles, Rouge must find 3 pieces of the Master Emerald to beat the level.


  • Iron Boots (Grey-colored iron boots for Rouge's feet): Enchances Rouge's attack power, making her able to break metal boxes and shielded enemies
  • Pick Nails (Metallic attachment for Rouge's boots): Allows Rouge to dig. To perform it, shake the Wii Remote where desired.
  • Treasure Scopes (A scouting device for Rouge's right eye): Allows Rouge to see hidden treasures.
  • Super Wings (White-colored coating for Rouge's wings): Enchances Rouge's gliding speed and allows her to use the Drill Dive attack by pressing the B button while gliding.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver comes back to the present time to help Sonic in his adventure.

Gameplay features

Silver's levels are focused on the hedgehog's telekinetic abilities. There are several puzzles that require using telekinesis.


  • Power Bracelet (A pair of attachments to the upper half of Silver's regular bracelets): Allows Silver to use the Grab All, which extends his grabbing range.
  • Shock Bracelet (A pair of attachments for the lower half of Silver's regular bracelets): Allows Silver to use the Psycho Shock.
  • Heart of Wind (White-colored chestplate for Silver's torso): Allows Silver to teleport through short distances. To perform it, press the B button on a teleport mark.
  • Blade Shoes (Sharp attachment for Silver's shoes): Allows Silver to use the Psychic Blade. To perform it, the player must shake the Wii Remote.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze travels to Sonic's world to help Sonic in his adventure.

Gameplay features

Blaze's levels are much like Sonic's. However, she doesn't have the same routes as the blue hedgehog and, therefore, doesn't have mach speed sections in her levels. Blaze can shoot fireballs by pressing the B button


  • Hover Heels (Jet engines for Blaze's Heels): Allows Blaze to use her fire powers to hover for a brief time. To perform it, press and hold the A button.
  • Flame Tail (Red ring for Blaze's tail): Allows Blaze to use the Flame Tornado. To perform it, shake the Wii Remote. This works the same as Sonic's Break Typhoon.
  • Flame Gloves (Red-colored gloves for Blaze's hands): Enchances the attack power of Blaze's fireballs, making them able to break enemy shields.
  • Ancient Flame: Allows Blaze to use the Supreme Flaming Attack, which works the same as Sonic's Light Speed Attack. To perform it, press and hold the Z button until Blaze catches on fire.

Classic Sonic (Unlockable)

Sonic's throwback self comes back once again for those players who find it.

Gameplay features

Classic Sonic plays the same levels as Sonic. However, they're exclusively in 2D.


Classic Sonic hasn't got any upgrade.


  • Island Tutorial
  • Downtown Dash
  • Emerald Forest
  • Winter Icicles
  • Aquatic Ruin
  • Casinopolis II
  • Volcano Base
  • Robotnik Corp.

Mission Mode

There are 81 mission available (10 for each character and an unlockable one). When you beat a character's story, his/her 10 missions will be unlocked. The 81th mission will be unlocked one the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Beat Super Sonic story
  • Acomplish the 80 missions
  • Once the 81th mission is beaten, Classic Sonic will be unlocked

Free Mode

The player's given the chance to play one level of the character he/she wants. It can be played in two ways: Score Mode and Time Attack Mode (Your best times can be uploaded to the Internet thanks to Nintendo Network). Co-op mode is also available with the levels being played as the 1st player's character (For example, if the first player chooses Amy, Zero will appear and chase the players until they reach the balloon).