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Sonic 6
Sonic the Hedgehog
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Platform(s) Personal Computer, Microsoft Windows, Sega Mega Drive (Brazil only), Playdia (Nippon only), Super A'Can (Taiwan only)
Release Date(s)
JP June 6, 2016

NA December 26, 2017
AUS August 17, 2016
EU April 14, 2016

Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) 2D Platforming
Series Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic 6 is a game and a harder version of Sonic & Knuckles, with new bosses and a zone that wasn't in S&K.

Almost none of the boss fights feature Robotnik in the Eggmobile, except the last zone. It appears like it did in Sonic 1. It was released for the PC. In Brazil, there's a Sega Mega Drive version, in Japan there's an Playdia version and in Taiwan, it's also released for the Super A'Can.


Tails is lured into Death Egg Zone, and is caught. Sonic goes after him. Depending on if the player collected the Chaos Emeralds or not, one out of two endings may happen:

Worst Ending (no or not all Emeralds)

Tails is killed in the Death Egg's explosions. The player then has to redo the entire game. If the player gets this ending again, the player has to redo the game again. This goes on forever until they collect all emeralds.

Best Ending (all Emeralds)

Tails is saved, Sonic follows Robotnik to Oil Station zone (actually Oil Ocean with a different name.) Robotnik finally fights in the Egg-O-Matic. He is defeated and Sonic lands on the Tornado, piloted by Tails.


  • Mushroom Hill (Wind Blower): Robotnik is behind a barrier likes the ones in Knuckles' MHZ in the original S&K. At the ceiling and left wall are spikes. Robotnik will attempt to blow the player into those by pressing a switch that activates the wind, like Knuckles in S&K. The player must jump against the right wall, fall down and land on Robotnik twice. The ground will shake and Robotnik runs to and jumps in the Egg-O-Matic, and fly away.
  • Flying Battery (Barrier "Eggman"): The fight is just like the 2nd FBZ sub-boss except that the laser eye can be hit normally. It must be hit 26 times. Be quick, waiting to long will force you to see how Sonic is crushed between the two barriers, which comes closer the more the eye fires. The same happens after defeat: Robotnik runs to the Eggmobile and flees.
  • Sandopolis (Ghost Golem): The Egg Golem from S&K reappears, but only it's head and arms are present. The player is trapped between barriers (again) and Hyudoros (the ghosts) attack you constantly. The player must jump on a arm and hit the Egg Golem, but Robotnik is not inside, it just takes damage. The Golem will try to fall on the Player as it's only attack. It's invurnerable during the attack. The same as the previous bosses happens after defeat.
  • Lava Reef (Super Trap): The player is... i don't even have to tell, not ?  Spiked balls roll constantly while the self-destructing robots from the zone are carried in and explode. After a while of exploding self-destruct robots, the machine explodes. The same as usual happens now.
  • Hidden Palace (Knuckles): Knuckles. He runs back and forth like in S3's intro sequence where he steals the emeralds. The S3 Knuckles theme plays during the fight. Having Knuckles run into the Player causes damage. Usually, after going back and forth once, he stops to laugh. Then he must be hit. He can also jump, land and dig under the ground in a U-shape while still spinning. Once done spinning the U-shape, Knuckles will jump out, also like the S3 intro sequence. Upon defeat, Knuckles falls offscreen in his S3&K death animation.
  • Sky Sanctuary: Super Mecha Sonic. He behaves the same like S3&K but the normal boss theme plays.
  • Death Egg: Death Ball. The same as in S3&K.
  • Oil Station (Robotnik Walker). The Sonic 1 Eggmobile with the feet attachment. Robotnik walks back and forth, shoots lasers, tries to knock the Player into spikes (shot by him) with bumpers, jumps, land, and kick. The entire zone consists of a single boss act with NO Rings.


Sonic 6 received mixed reviews. Magazines criticized the lack of any new zones and Multiplayer, but praised the high difficulty, especially the last boss. The game was also criticized for only Sonic as playable character, as well the Worst Ending, altough that ending not canon. It was praised for the new sub-bosses.

Overall, the game received this score from critics:



  • The game is one of the few recent Sonic games to reuse the S3&K graphics, the other ones are the KTE games.