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Sonic 360°
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Developer(s) Talix Arts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
March 14, 2010
Single-player, Multi-player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown
Sonic 501

Sonic 360° is a upcoming 3D Sonic the Hedgehog series platformer for the Wii. The game will take Sonic back to his roots in a new way as it will be the first Sonic game to have online features and as well will have a different gameplay. The taglines for the game are "Sonic's back...360 degrees fast!" and "Sonic goes Beyond".


The story takes place after defeating another thwart from Dr. Eggman where Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are out partying on a cruise yacht. But their vacation ends short briefly when everyone is suddenly experiences blackouts. Then we see Sonic waking up all by himself on a mysterious island where and he then sees a floating shadow head as it goes by Rod; Rod tells Sonic that he is being offered a chance to leave the island with his friends. Rod then shows Sonic that he captured and divided not only Tails and Knuckles, but his other friends across the island and it’s up to him to find them before they are his forever.

Sonic doesn’t want to play his game, but Rod insists that not only his friends are in the island, but as well the Chaos Emeralds and if he finds them all to create the Super Emerald, he will give Sonic and his friends total immunity and as well freedom; however, Sonic feels something is not right with this picture. But feeling his friends are in danger, Sonic unwittingly agrees and then Rod makes one last stipulation…he hits Sonic with some kind of magic and then we see Sonic being surrounding in a blue ring-like sphere ball. Rod tells him that in order to find his friends and the emeralds; Sonic must confide in that sphere and if he don’t and gets out he along with his friends are trapped forever. Sonic feeling he has no way out of this, agrees with Rod’s rules and decides to play his game. Then the game really begins…


The game is heavily inspired by the original three Sonic games and as well the gameplay in Sonic Adventure, the game is very notable as we notice Sonic is being trapped inside sphere ball. Most of the gameplay resides to the ball; hence the title 360 since it reflects a sphere. The game not only is being heavily inspired by the original games, but as well the Super Monkey Ball games. The Wiimote is mostly held to control the sphere as the sphere as different abilities. The many power-ups are like original power ups such as 10 extra rings, shield, invincibility, and others.

Sphere Ball powers

A new feature to the game is that Sonic is being coincide within a blue ring-like sphere ball; nevertheless, Sonic can do his traditional tactics he is known to do…knocking out the bad guys, getting the rings and special power ups. But for this game, Sonic gets an added bonus of using the sphere’s abilities. Sonic not only must get power-ups, but there is a special kind of power-up known as ‘’’Magic Fills’’’ that can restore the sphere’s magical strength so Sonic can use the abilities again.

  • ’’Power Smash’’ – When Sonic goes up in the air by pressing A, you can use the Wiimote to move up and then straight down while holding down on A to perform this move to smash objects on the ground.
  • ’’Rip Wave’’ – While moving on the ground using the nunchunk, press B and Z together to create a rip motion that the sphere creates and spreads a wave of energy wiping out all the enemies surrounding Sonic.
  • ’’Cyclone Spin’’ – While in an situation where enemies are getting the upper hand, jump by pressing A and then press 1 to make Sonic speeding in the air making a cyclone in the process the twirls the enemies in the air.
  • ’’Multiple Crash’’ – While on the ground and if you feel you are all alone while there are a hundred of enemies, press B and then 2 to make Sonic split up to three or five depending on the amount of upgrades as we then see Sonic leading his clones on a frontline-like attack.
  • ’’Unknown 5th power’’—There is a fifth ability in the game, but a certain amount of emeralds and friends saved can this feature be unlocked.


  • Isle de Rod – Rod’s homeworld and the mysterious island that Sonic and his friends are held captive.
    • Jungle Forest Zone
    • Desert Bar Zone
    • Volcano Rock Zone
    • Leaf Town Zone
    • Tunnel Rave Zone
    • Ocean Reef Zone
    • Sky City Zone
    • Mountain Valley Zone
    • Prison Castle Zone
    • Rod’s Lair


Adventure Mode

This is where you start off the single player mode.

Party Mode

A Mario Party-like mode where 20 mini games are provided; all the characters are playable, but most of them are unlockables.

Online Mode

The game is also noted to be the first game ever to feature online gameplay such as Wi-Fi. The features include ‘’’4-player race’’’, ‘’’Extreme Tag’’’, ‘’’Bowling’’’, and ‘’’Horseshoe’’’.


This where the options to change the controller type, sound settings, game settings, online settings, credits, and unlockables are held.


Main Playable

Main Playable for the Adventure, Party, and Online modes.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: He is the main character and the star of the game. When he gets trapped on an island by an sorceror, Rod. He tricks Sonic to play his game in order to save his friends who is spread across the island captured and as well the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic agrees to play and as a percussion Rod casts magic on him as Sonic can only play the game in a blue ring-like sphere.
    • Super Sonic (after collecting all the Chaos emeralds)
  • (New)Lilly the Chimpanzee: A friendly chimp that helps Sonic in some of his missions. She has the abilites of flexibilty strength and her tail is fierce. You only play her in two acts of two different level zones.(Tunnel Rave and Mountain Valley)

Non-Main Playable/ Sonic Allies

Playable only for the Party and Online modes. Sonic has to save them at each of the level zones he is put in.


  • (New)Rod the Tiger:The main antagonist of the game who kidnaps Sonic and his friends and tricks Sonic to play his elaborate game to find his lost friends and the Chaos Emeralds. Throughout the game he appears as a shadow head, but mainly he appears as a brute tiger holding his magical scepter. He is the Grand Marshall of the island, or as a powerful sorceror.


  • This will be the first Sonic game to have online features.
  • This is also the first Sonic game as of yet to have Dr. Eggman not the main villain of the game, but as an ally of Sonic’s .
  • This also the first Sonic game to feature the same gameplay since Sonic 3.
  • It it is also noted to be the first to have villains as playable characters in two modes.