Sonic The Hedgehog 2 HD Was A Project Made By A Group Of Fans Of The Sonic Franchise. After The
Sonic HD

The Official Logo Of The Game.

Cancellation Of The Project, It Was Taken Over By Sega, And Is Now Sonic 2 HD: Redux Edition.

The Game Was Released On Wii U In Hedgehog/Groundhog Day, 2012.

Modes Of Play

Story Mode

The Main Mode Of Gameplay. You Can Play As Either Sonic, Tails, Sonic & Tails, Or Knuckles.

Rush Mode

A Complete Remake Of The Level Layouts, Making The Game More Speed-Oriented. Also, Sonic Can Perform A "Speed Burst", Akin To That Of Sonic Rush. Each Level Has The Objective of breaking a set Record. Once You Do, You Get A Chaos Emerald.

Knuckles Mode

Exclusive To Knuckles. The Level Layouts are more exploration-oriented, And There Are No Special Stages. Instead, The Emeralds Are Spread Throughout The Level, Just Like The 8-Bit Sonic Games. Knuckles Mode Is Unique In That It Includes Levels Scrapped In The Original, Like Wood Zone.

Metal Mode

This Mode Is Available By Pre-ordering the Game. A "Hard Mode" Of Sorts, Metal Sonic Can Hover And Fly Indefinitely, Making this an improved form of Tails' Gameplay. All Enemies Are Harder To Defeat, And Metal Sonic Has NO Super Form! The Eggmobile Bosses Are Usually Controlled By Egg Robo, But The Final Boss Is Always Sonic. For Players who Haven't Pre-ordered, This Mode Is Still Available As DLC.

Online Multiplayer Mode

You Can Access This Mode Online. It Is An Emerald Hunt Of Sorts, Where The Seven Emeralds Are Spread Throughout The Level. You Can't Carry More Than One Emerald, Having To Place It At The Emerald Pod In The Middle Of The Level. All Players Start at the middle of the level, And Each One Of Them Can Play As Sonic, Tails Or Knuckles.



Classic sonic 43212453
Sonic Claims To Be The "Fastest Thing Alive". He Is An Anthropormorphic Animal In A Small Planet Named Earth (Often Times Erroneously Called Mobius), And Due To A Mutation, His Spikes Are Blue. Sonic's Parents Are Unknown, But Sonic States That He Left His House After Eggman's First Defeat.

Sonic's Nemesis Has Always Been A Man Named "Eggman", Or Dr. Robotnik For Others, Who Tried Using Animals As "Organic Batteries" To Power His Robots. After His First Defeat, Eggman Focuses His Efforts Fully Into Erasing Sonic From Existence, Even Creating Robots Based On Him. Of These, Metal Sonic Has Had Most Success.

Other Times, Sonic Has Battled In Other Universes, In The Future, Even In Other Planets, Sometimes Battling Eggman, Sometimes Not.

Metal Sonic

270px-Sonic Generations Metal
Metal Sonic Is The Second Robot In The Metal Series, After Silver Sonic (Or Mecha Sonic, As Nicknamed By Tails). He Was Used In A Plot By Eggman To Capture Gems Known As "Time Stones" Residing In Little Planet. Afterwards, Metal Sonic Captured Amy Rose, Intending to use her to lure sonic to his location. Unfortunately, Metal Was Defeated By Sonic.

One Year Later, Metal Was Awakened By Eggman On Mad Gear Zone, Then Leaving To Find Sonic During The Events Of Sonic 4. Ultimately, Metal Sonic Was Defeated, Leading Him To Be Repaired During Sonic Adventure. In His Other Appearances, He Has Been Defeated Time And Again By His Organic Counterpart, Leading to him Becoming Extremely Hateful Of Sonic.

He Once Rebelled against Eggman, But Is Now Fully Loyal Again.

Tails the Fox

Miles Prower, Or "Tails", Is A Young Fox, Or Fennec, Who Lived In An Orphanage In Emerald Hill Until He Met Sonic. He Was Constantly Bullied By Other Orphans, And Spend Most Of His Time Reading And Building Things. One Of These Was The Tornado. One Day, Tails Was Being Bullied By Two Teenagers When Sonic Arrived And Saved Him. To This Day, He Keeps Following Sonic Around.

Eggman Robotnik

Eggman (Or Dr. Robotnik) Is A Mad Scientist Who Wants To Conquer The
Classic Eggman Bio
World. To Do So, He At First Used Organic Batteries For His Robots, Though Lately He Prefers Using A Mass-produced Fusion Reactor, Which He Also Sells To Fund His World Domination Attempts. At First He Used Varied Models Of Robots On His Takeover Of South Island. When His Robots Discovered Gemstones Called "Chaos Emeralds", Whose Powers Are Unlimited, Eggman Was Keen On Taking Them. Using His "Chaos Energy Detector", Eggman Found Six Emeralds, While The Last One Was A Keepsake Of Sonic The Hedgehog's. Eggman Tried Forcing Him To Hand It Over, But Sonic Quickly Ran Away. After Receiving Notice That He Was Destroying His Robots, Eggman Mobilized His Force To Take Him Out...

Knuckles The Echidna

283px-ASR Knuckles
Knuckles Is A Descendant Of Pachacamac, And A VERY Distant Relative Of Tikal. After The Great Cataclysm, One Of Knuckles' Ancestors Swore To Protect The Master Emerald, Which Had Been Misused Before. The Master Emerald Lured Exiled Echidnas To Angel Island, Keeping The Echidna Race Alive... However, It Seems Knuckles Is The Last Of His Kind, As Far As He Knows.

Knuckles Initially Was Tricked By Eggman Into Believing sonic & Tails Were Trying To Steal The Master Emerald. Only When Egg Robo Stole The Master, Did He Find Out The Truth...

Knuckles Also Appeared In The Sonic Adventure Games, And Several Games After That. He Is One Of The Few Extra Characters From The Genesis Era Who Is Still In Contact With Sonic.


Story Mode/Rush Mode Stages

Sapphire Hill

A Blooming Forest With Several Roses Spread Throughout. It Is Truly A Sight To Behold...

NOTE: This Zone Was Made To Test The HD Capabilities Of The Engine. It Does Not Have Acts, But Is Included As The Hub World.

Emerald Lake Hills

This Coastal Forest Is Filled With Badniks. Be Careful Not To Fall Off The looping Pathways!

Chemical Plant

While Once This Factory Was Inhabited, Now It Is Flooded with Acid, And Was Subsequently Taken Over By Eggman. Chemical Plant Zone Is Truly A Death Trap For Those who enter it.

NOTE: In Rush Mode, The Factory May Enter Into Red Alert And Start Breaking Apart.

Aquatic Pyramid

This Mayan Pyramid Was Flooded Long Ago. Beware Of Traps Hindering Your Way Through The Level.

Casino Night

In This Casino, You Have To Win 100,000 Points To Proceed. Use The Roulettes, The Pinball Machine And Many Other Devices To Your Advantage.

Hill Top

You Are Now At The Top Of The Hill, And Must Defeat The Badniks To Proceed.

Phantom Cavern

This Gem-filled Cave Is Very Difficult To Traverse In, As Electric Spikes Can Fry You Easily.

Oil Wasteland

This Abandoned Oil Plant Has Been Turned Into A Garbage Dump, With Oil Pools And Broken Steam Pipes Spread Out Through The Level. This Is Where Eggman Keeps His Prisoners.

Station Square

The Setting Of This Stage Is In Station Square, From Sonic Adventure. Eggman Has Put The Badniks To Work On Detonating Several Bombs Throughout The City. Your Mission Is To Disable Them.

NOTE: In Rush Mode, The Bombs Are Completely Absent.

Sky Railway

Sonic Has Been Taken By The Tornado To The Sky Railway, Which Leads Directly To Eggman's Base. Try Not To Fall, And Get Ready For The Final Showdown...

Death Egg EX

This Oval Spaceship With Eggman's Face On It Is Where The Final Battle Will Take Place.

Special Stage

The Special Stage From Sonic 4: Episode 2 With A Twist: You Must Catch Up To The Emerald, Just Like In Sonic Heroes. Some Stages Also Have Speed Pads.

Knuckles Mode Extra/Remade Stages

Crystal Peak

This Frosty Version Of Hill Top Zone Inexplicably Turns Into A Desert After 30 Seconds, And Back After The Same Amount Of Time Has Passed. Knuckles Has To Avoid Giant Boulders/Snowballs In Certain Places.

Bedrock Swamp

An Underground Area Filled With Moss, Rocks, Stalactites, And A Thin Stream Of Water. Enemies Found Here Are Gators, Keroes (Frog/Gekko Badniks) And Snailies (Crawling Snail Badniks That Hide In Their Shells). A Notable Obstacle Are The Bampers, Moving Robots With Bumpers.

Wicked Woods:

A Remake Of The Scrapped Level Wood Zone. Unlike The Planned Level, It Is Spooky In Nature, Having Evil Trees Attack The Player And Pieces Of The Background falling Off To Reveal Enemies. Some Enemies Also Come Out Of The Floor. Enemies Found Here Are Pohbees, Stegos (Scrapped Badnik) And Redz (Dinosaur Badnik).

Hidden Palace Zone:

The Hidden Palace Zone Is Accessible By Collecting All Emeralds. Upon Finding The Master Emerald, Knuckles Automatically Jumps On It And Transforms Into Super Knuckles.

DLC Content

Metal Mode

The Aforementioned Metal Mode Can Be Bought As DLC.

Boss Battle Rush

In This DLC Mode, You Fight All Bosses Of The Game In Succession.

Secret Final Boss

Adapted Straight From Sonic 3, The Doomsday Zone Returns In This DLC Pack, Although You Can Only Play As Super Sonic. After Defeating The Death Egg Robo, You Fight The Egg Missile And The Egg Bomber In A Final Fight To Save The World. The Egg Bomber, However, Isn't Carrying The Master Emerald, Instead Using His Arms For A Variety Of Attacks. After His Defeat, A Secret Ending Plays.

Modern Sonic Skin

This Is, Quite Simply, A Skin That Changes Sonic's In-game Model To His Modern Look.

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