Sonic 2000 DX is a game made by G-man. it is a mixture of sonic the hedgehog 2006 and sonic advance it's the second sonic 2000 game


Sonic the hedgehog

The fastest thing alive is now unstopable now he has to rescue amy from a new enemy Exlie which is the main villan of he's story.

Silver the hedgehog

His mission is to find amy alongside sonic but things goes bad when mephiles is back.

Jet the hawk

The rival of sonic back in search of him. but neo-tech a new enemy wants to taker over nights.

Shadow the hedgehog

His mission is to find the new 8th chaos emerald but Jet thinks he's Sonic so now he has to stop Jet.


After escaping eggman she finds Billy hatcher a boy wearing a rooster suit and strenght powers.


  • Mario
  • NiGHTS
  • Billy hatcher
  • Wave
  • Shadic
  • Big the cat

3D version

Sonic 2000 DX has a 3D version is much better and much real

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