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Sonic (FI:Clash of Stars)
Sonic the hedgehog WII U
Full Name Sonic
Gender Male
Voice Actor(s)
Roger Craig Smith (ENG)

Jun'ichi Kanemaru (JPN)

First Appearance Sonic the Hedgehog (June 23,1991)


Command Normals

Move Name Input
Sonic Punch,Kick Combo 
Down Aerial

Special Moves

Move Name Input
Homing Attack
Spin Dash
Yellow Drill
Black Bomb (Lv.1)
Super Sonic (Lv.2)
Excalibur Sonic (Lv.3)


Sonic the hedgehog WII U Sonic the hedgehog WII U red Sonic the hedgehog WII U super Sonic the hedgehog WII U green

Blue                    Red                     Super               Purple*  

  • Unlocked beating the game with Sonic.


Open Your Heart by Crush 40 (Main Theme of Sonic Adventure)05:16

Open Your Heart by Crush 40 (Main Theme of Sonic Adventure)

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