Sonic & Tails: Back in the time is a Sonic-game relased in 2012 for Wii.


As Sonic and Tails just have defeated Dr. Eggman, they see a time machine. When the two friends wanting to run away to their homes, Sonic accidentally gets on the time machine. The time machine moves and everybody goes back in time. They end up in the world of the classic Sonic games. The figures are eager to return to their own time. But still get the characters friends with the classical figures. But they have gone. But when they hear that Eggman and the Classic Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) want to destroy their future and want to rule the world, are the heroes in action!

Will they succeed this mission to complete and return to their own future?


New Playable Characters

Classic Playable Characters

New Villans/Bosses

Classic Villans/Bosses

New Enemies

Classic Enemies