In Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade, The All-Star Move has been reduced to playing a character's theme music, Each character has his/her own unique ability., And gives them some sort of effect like hearts for Amy. Depending on the character, they either get a projectile attack like Amy (who throws her Hammer) or a radius attack like Knuckles (who uses the Master Emerald to create a Chaos Blast-like attack).

Character All-Star Move All-Star Theme
Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic: Sonic pulls out the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic, then does a supersonic boost down the track that flips any character he comes close to. Invincibility theme - Sonic Heroes
Knuckles the Echidna Emerald Power: Powered up by the Master Emerald, Knuckles glides above the track and, by punching the ground, can unleash an earthquake that stuns and flips all opponents.[1] Unknown from M.E. from Sonic Adventure
Miles "Tails" Prower Tails Tornado: Tails presses a button and his plane performs a vertical barrel roll, making a huge tornado that pulls him forward while sucking up opponents and items in its path.[2] Believe in Myself - Sonic Adventure 2
Amy Rose Piko Hammer: Amy pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer and madly swings it around to smash anyone unlucky enough to get in her way. My Sweet Passion - Sonic Adventure
Dr. Eggman Missile Madness: The Eggpod transforms and takes off down the track, launching destructive rockets that wipe out rivals and leave Eggman-shaped clouds.[3] Egg Albatross - Sonic Heroes
Metal Sonic Maximum Overdrive: After transforming into a missile-like shape, Metal Sonic's bike speeds up and deploys two pads that fly in front of him, emitting lightning bolts between them. Metallic Madness - Sonic The Hedgehog CD
Shadow the Hedgehog Super Shadow: Shadow whips out the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Shadow and can launch Chaos Spears while flying down the track at high speed.[4] Chaos Control theme - Shadow the Hedgehog
NiGHTS NiGHTS changes into normal form and starts to fly and speed up with a Drill Dash that can hit opponents. This is one of two All-Star moves that does not transform the user into plane mode.(In the 3DS version it does change into plane mode.) Message from Nightopia from NiGHTS into Dreams
Reala Reala changes into his normal form and starts to fly and throws mare balloons at its enemies. This is one of two All-Star moves that does not transform the user into plane mode.(In the 3DS version he does change into plane mode.) D'Force Master from the NiGHTS series
Beat Tag Jamming: Starts skating, and can also spray paint on nearby racers to obstruct their view. Jet Set Groove 3 - Jet Set Radio Future
B.D. Joe Crazy Boost: A passenger gets in his taxi causing BD Joe to get a boost of speed. In the DS version, only BD Joe gets a boost of speed. Generic Rock Riff
Ulala Tension Blast: Ulala stands on top of her hover craft and dances as Morolians circle the other racers, causing them to dance. Asteroid Belt Go! Go! Astrobeat Jr. - Space Channel 5
Pudding Pudding has music notes the circulate around her and a guitar appears above her which can blast her opponents away. Guitar Showdown from Space Channel 5 Part 2
Joe Musashi Joe jumps out of his car and symbols appear behind him. He then shoots ninpo blasts at his foes. Pan Pipe/Flute Solo inspired by the Hotsuma theme from Shinobi 2002
Gillius Thunderhead Gillius has two vases appear behind him which break and shoot weapons at his foes. Battleground from Golden Axe
Aiai Aiai has a ball form around him and throws homing bananas at his foes. AiAi's theme from the Super Monkey Ball series
Billy Hatcher Egg Rodeo: After letting out a "cock-a-doodle-doo", Billy hops onto a giant egg like a circus ball and runs on it to squash his opponents. Theme Song - Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
MeeMee MeeMee has a giant flower appear under her that spins and knocks out anybody who gets caught in it. Bonus Stage from Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
Vyse Vyse has a blue transparent ship appear around him that has 6 cannons, three on each side, and can shoot his enemies out of the way. Sudden Storm from Skies of Arcadia
Amigo Samba de Party: Amigo speeds up and hypnotizes the other racers with his rhythm. Then once he passes by an opponent, they follow him in a conga line and start dancing. Title Screen - Samba de Amigo
Alex Kidd Alex has hand symbols playing Janken and whichever it lands on will do a similar motion damaging enemies. Main Theme from Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Dreamcast After Burner jets join in and shoots multiple homing missiles at enemies. City 202 from After Burner II
Ryo Hazuki Working Man: Gets in his signature forklift and can toss opponents. Earth and Sea - Shenmue
Opa-Opa [5] Fantasy Thorn: Lets the player choose from three items to use on opponents (a rocket booster, one big missile, and four smaller missiles). Don't Stop - Super Fantasy Zone
ChuChusa [6] Cat-Walker: ChuChus circle the other racers as a giant Kapu-Kapu appears and stomps down the track, with the blue ChuChu riding on its head. Network Play ~ We Have A Winner! - Chuchu Rocket!
Zobio and Zobikoa Run-a-Way Love: Zobio drinks a radioactive potion, grows big, and runs around with Zobiko riding his back as Zobio smashes anybody in its path. Mission Complete - House of the Dead
Bonanza Bros. (Mobo and Robo)a Blimp Strike: Mobo hops in their blimp and attacks nearby racers with bombs. Level Complete - Bonanza Bros.
Run D.M.C. The King of Rock: Darryl set's up some Radios In The Front, And The back, And The sides of Their car And They Turn The Volume up very high, Then causes shockwaves whoever goes by it! They can also go faster! Remixed Version of The King of Rock by Run D.M.C.
Lou The Devil The Devil Went Down To Georgia: Lou burns The road, And replaces it with The generic Guitar Hero highway, And get's out The skeleton guitar, And The notes from GH appear down The highway, Which will slow you down! The Devil Went Down To Georgia - The Remixed Version From, Guitar Hero III-The Legends Of Rock
Bob Belcher Bob cooks some Burgers for him To earn Turbo boost's And gives The opponents "Poisonous Burgers" Which will slow Them down! Theme Song - Bob's Burgers
Megaman Megaman Turns The entire Track 16-Bit, And plays as if he was in his own game, Except instead of Defeating "Dr. Wily", He Defeats The other opponents! Theme Song - Megaman

PC Exclusives

The PC characters also have unique All-Star moves specialized for Them! Here are The PC All-Star attacks!

Character All-Star Move All-Star Theme
Shou Amabane The Burning Ranger: Characters from The Burning Ranger series, & The other series, After Burner Team up To Track down opponents, & shoot Them. "Burning Rangers Go", Remixed version.
Shogun The True Shogun: The Shogun fires a barrage of Dragon Fireworks at other racers. Good Death from Total War II:Shogun
Football Manager Football: Has a pair of whistles and confetti appear and fire footballs (soccer balls). A song that is a mixture of various Football/Soccer chants
Team Fortress SPY: The RED Spy's plane fires a barrage of homing missiles. Main Theme from Team Fortress 2
General Winter Sickle & Hammer: Sickle and Hammer from Soviet flag attack nearby opponents Soviet victory theme from Company of Heroes 2
Willemus War-Star: Roman version of the Mii's All-Star With Gladius and Scutums. War music played on Brass instruments.
Wreck-It Ralph I'M GONNA WRECK-IT!: Ralph has two wrecking balls spin around him damaging nearby foes. Life in The Arcade from Wreck-it Ralph
Kevin Harvick Hot-Wheels: Kevin shoots flaming tires at his foes, Being a pun on his sponsor, Hot Wheels. Generic rock rift Similar To Garbage by Megadeath
Alex Mason Call Of Racing: Shoots homing missiles at opponents. Theme from Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Steve Animal Army: Steve garners an army of Wolves, Ocelots, Pigs, & Ect Causing damage To The other opponents. "Minecraft Working Music", Main Theme From Minecraft.
Tobuscus Mine The Diamond: Diamonds appear out of The sky, Also increasing Turner's speed! "Mine The Diamond", Remixed version of Tobuscus's Minecraft song.


  • Lou is The only character in The game whose All-Star Theme Song Doesn't repeat over, And over again, Its just one straight song.