Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade is The arcade version for The first racing game, & The second game. The game also features a ton of Third-Party characters as well, Even Though The Title simply states Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade! The game is scheduled To be released on December 17, 2015!


Pictures depicting the side-view of the shelf revealed boxes for Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles The Echidna, Beat and Aiai. Shortly after this event the website called also added info on the game.


Playable Characters

Sonic Characters

Image Character Character Description Vehicle Description
64px Sonic the Hedgehog In-Game Description- Sonic is The fastest hedgehog in The world & can run faster Then The speed of light! Sonic's speed's are very Terrific use in racing, & To surpass other opponents! Sonic is in fact Though not The fastest As Someone Named M**** S**** is The fastest character! Speed Star': Sports car with two of his trademark quills on the back.
64px Dr. Eggman In-Game Description- Dr. Eggman is Sonic's long-Time rival, Although Sonic has nothing against Eggman, Dr. Eggman is all despise over Sonic! In-fact, Eggman Tries everything he can To Take Sonic's place of fame! Even Though Eggmans not The fastest character! Red six wheeled 'tank' that has his face on it.
64px Amy Rose In-Game Description- The Loving, Pink Hedgehog returns, & Always had her feeling's Toward Sonic! Amy is The slowest character in The entire game! Rounded version of her Pink Cabriolet.
64px Metal Sonic TBA Upgraded Metal Booster from the first game.
64px Knuckles the Echidna TBA Backwards trike with a design influenced by himself in a gliding stance.
64px Miles "Tails" Prower TBA Upgraded version of the Whirlwind S7.Template:Citation needed
64px Shadow the Hedgehog TBA 'G.U.N. Auto Tread': A black and white GUN vehicle with tank-like treads.


Image Character Character Description Vehicle Description
64px Aiai TBA Yellow F-1 like car similar to his one from the previous game resembling large bananas.
64px Beat TBA Quad bike themed after his gang and his game's titular radio station.
64px Ulala TBA White backwards trike with a Space Channel 5 theme.
64px Amigo TBA A four-wheeled toy train inspired by his previous kart.
64px Alex Kidd TBA A red capsule like vehicle resembling a Peticopter/V-22 Osprey hybrid with JanKenPon engines.

Unlockable Characters

  • B.D. Joe
  • Billy Hatcher
  • Vyse: From Skies of Arcadia, an old-fashioned steampunk race car similar in design to his airship,The Delfinius (Buy for 30 stars in World Tour)
  • Gillus Thunderhead: From Golden Axe, a bronze animal-eqsue statue. It appears as an Ox in "car" mode, Turtle with a Rhinos' head in "boat" and Gryphon in "plane" mode.[1](Buy for 120 stars in World Tour)
  • Joe Musashi: From Shinobi, a yellow and black quad bike which when transformed into a boat,becomes a Jet Ski. (Buy for 85 stars in World Tour)
  • NiGHTS:[2] NiGHTS itself becomes the vehicle while a Nightopian rides. (Buy for 80 stars in World Tour on Console versions, 40 stars on 3DS)
  • Pudding: A green, futuristic car from Channel 42 resembling her aircraft from Space Channel 5: Part 2. (Buy for 50 stars in World Tour on Console versions, 64 stars on 3DS)
  • Dreamcast: A transforming fusion of several elements from Sega's past; the Hornet from Daytona USA, a Dreamcast controller, and a F-14 Tomcat from Afterburner. (Buy for 165 stars in World Tour)
  • Ryo Hazuki: Harley-Davidson-style motorcycle borrowed from Ryo's friend Naoyuki. (Buy for 170 stars in World Tour)
  • Opa-Opa: Opa-Opa itself, Due to it being a sentient spaceship. (Buy for 175 stars in World Tour)
  • ChuChus: ChuChu Rocket (Buy for 180 stars in World Tour)
  • Zobio & Zobiko: Old-fashioned black Cadillac with chainsaws on the sides. (Buy for 185 stars in World Tour)
  • Bonanza Bros.: A black and blocky getaway car. (Buy for 190 stars in World Tour)

Third-Party Characters

Image Character Character Description Vehicle Description
64px Run-DMC [Unlockable] In-Game Description- The Three dudes from The pioneering hip-hop group, "Run-DMC" consisting of Rappers , Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Joseph "Run" Simmons, & Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell! Though Their not racers, Their very fast characters! The huge car with radios, & CD's.
64px Lou The Devil [DLC] In-Game Description- Lou is The Devil from The rhythm-centered based game, "Guitar Hero"! Lou is fast, And powerful, Because of his Tankey weight! Black ball with The number 8 based off The pool game, Blackball.
64px Bob Belcher [DLC] [Not In Japanese Version] In-Game Description- The dad from The American Television series created by Loren Bouchard, "Bob's Burgers"! Bob sells burgers, & gives Them out To fine customers! Bob is fast, & skilled! The Burger-Type Vehicle
64px Megaman [Unlockable] In-Game Description- The Half-Robot, The Half-Human That everyone enjoy's & loves, Megaman & Megaman is one of The Very Descent characters! Megaman's "Rush Roadstar" from The Megaman racing video game, Mega Man: Battle & Chase.

PC Exclusives

Downloading The game on Steam let's you add additional content [Characters], Their are a lot!

  • Shou Amabane: From Burning Rangers, His car is The Army Tank, Boat Transformation is an Army Tank for Boats, & Plane is An Army Tank for Planes!
  • Football Manager: Drives a small cart-esque SUV, motorboat, and jet. Transforms inside of a soccer ball/football.
  • Shogun: From Total War Shogun, drives a feudal-inspired cart with a dragon design in car and boat, while the boat transformation is inspired with a fish.
  • General Winter (Free DLC Until December 31ST On Steam): From Company of Heroes, the Commander drives a tank with a red star on the sides.
  • Willemus (Free DLC Until December 31ST On Steam): From Total War: Rome II. Drives a Roman legion-themed vehicle.
  • Team Fortress 2: A combined team consisting of three characters from the multiplayer first-person shooter Team Fortress 2. In Car form, the Pyro drives a red Go Kart-like vehicle with Flamethrowers mounted on its sides. In Plane and All-Star modes, The Spy pilots a sleek miniature Fighter Jet and in Boat form, the Heavy controls a camouflaged Airboat with steel plating and a Sasha-like Minigun mounted on each side.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: A red wrecking truck.[3]
  • Kevin Harvick: A dark blue racing car called Kevicar with logos for Sonic, SEGA,, and Hot Wheels.[4] (Not available in The Japanese Version of The game [1])
  • Alex Mason (Free DLC Until December 31ST On Steam): From The action-shooter game, "Call Of Duty", Alex is available as DLC for free until December 31ST, Where you haft To buy him after That Time! Car form is an Army Tank, Plane form is a helicopter, & Boat form is an Army Boat.
  • Steve (Free DLC Until December 31ST On Steam): From The create-your-own game series, Minecraft, Steve's car is The diamond minecart, Block in The boat Transformation, & The Pig in plane Transformation.
  • Tobuscus Character (Toby Turner) (Free DLC Until December 31ST On Steam): Another 3rd-party character from a famous Minecraft Commentary YouTuber, As well as vlogger. It is a Charity DLC Promotional for The Tobuscus's: Tobuscus Adventures:Wizards! The Game. It includes Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade Game-Base for Steam.[5]



Players have The option To play like The first game without Transforming! When playing as The Team of Run-DMC will give you The option To play as either Teammate!


Players have The option To play like The sequel To The first game with Transforming into Boat, & Plane, When playing as The Team of Run-DMC will have Darryl McDaniels in The car Transformation, Jason Mizell in The boat Transformation, & Joseph Simmons in The airplane Transformation!

All-Star Moves

Each character has Their own All-Star Move which will help The racer win The races! Check Out The other article, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade\All-Star Moves!




SEGA is releasing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade GP for The Nintendo EShop for The Wii U To play on That! The game costs $7.00 in The EShop, & Is free after That!


This game can be found at place's with arcade games, Here is The list of where This game can be found-

  • Dave & Busters [Playing The Game Here Unlocks All Characters, Even The DLC (NOT PC CHARACTERS)]
  • Chuck E. Cheese [Playing The Game Here Unlocks All Characters, Even The DLC (NOT PC CHARACTERS)]

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