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Sonic & Maven: Crossfire
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Developer(s) TalixArts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
December 2010/February 2011
Single-player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown

Sonic & Maven: Crossfire is a upcoming 3D Sonic the Hedgehog/Maven the Lynx series crossover platformer for the Wii that is centered on cooperative gameplay. In the game, Sonic and Maven join forces to stop the unlikely duo of their nemeses, Dr. Eggman and Gargan.


Sonic brings Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose to uncover Dr. Eggman is up to no good again; when they spot him in the Jhoto Islands, Sonic teams up with fellow homeland hero Maven and his pals, Circuit, Tyi, and Daisy. After Maven discovers his old nemesis, Lord Gargan, returns to help Eggman corrupt the island’s resources in order to create a new weapon. Sonic and Maven must work in unison before Eggman and Gargan destroy the island.


The game is heavily inspired by gameplay from Sonic Adventure and the Maven games. The game is mostly notably center on co-op gameplay, similar to Mario and Bowser: Tag Tactics.

The player will have the option to play single player, but usually the gameplay will focus on Sonic and Maven working together and many missions reflecting their teamup. They can use new power-ups like Super Tornado and Firefight. Sonic will have his usual abilities and power ups and as well Maven; they can also unlock new power-ups based on their teamwork.


The Jhoto Islands, Maven’s homeland, will be featured once again, but this time will feature brand new areas where Sonic and Maven will explore.


Adventure Mode

This is where you start off the co-op player mode; there is a optional setting if you want to play single.

Online Mode

The game’s online feature includes old favorites: Race, Extreme Tag, Jungle soccer, Horseshoe, and new ones like 2 on 2 and Catch the Flag


This where the options to change the controller type, sound settings, game settings, online settings, credits, and unlockables are held.


Here are the confirmed characters:

Main Playable

Main Playable for the Adventure and Online modes.

Non-Main Playable

Playable only for the Online mode.

Maven allies

Sonic allies


  • Dr. Eggman: He is Sonic's arch-nemesis who invades the Jhoto Islands with the help of Gargan to control the island’s resources for a new Death Egg.
  • Lord Gargan the Tiger: Maven’s first villain who last appeared in the first game; he returns to partner up with Eggman to corrupt the islands’ resources.
  • Monodrones: Gargan’s minions who received a major makeover from Eggman; with tougher armor and robotic weapons.

Sonic & Maven: Crossfire 3DS

A handheld version of the game will be for the Nintendo 3DS released in Fall 2011.