Sonic & Chill
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Developer(s) Logo LPP
Publisher(s) SEGA logo
Platform(s) Xbox-one-logo
PS4 Logo
Release Date(s)
INT: 10/18/2016
1 Player, 2 Player VS, Sound Test
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Predecessor Sonic the Hedgehog 5
Successor Sonic Adventure
Media Included DLC (Nintendoware, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Plus)
Sonic & Chill is the second half of the Sonic 5 Saga, the first being Sonic the Hedgehog 5. Like its predecessor, it will be released as DLC for Xbox One and Playstation 4.


After the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 5, Sonic is sent freefalling into a rainforest somewhere on the Hex Planet, separated from his good friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. He finds out about the Code Opals and their supervisor known as Hexadecimal Opal, which Dr. Robotnik appears to need to create his mass-roboticizer. He believes Chill the Cyberwolf may know where they are, and thus sets out to find him.

Meanwhile, Chill is starting to get more skeptical of Robotnik's actions when an EggRobo bombs the rainforest. Whoever sent it to do so is in BIG trouble. As guardian of the Hexadecimal Opal and the entire Hex Planet, he must get rid of all invaders. So Chill's ready with several traps to prevent the culprit from getting any further.

Playble Characters

Image Name First Appearance Description
Sonic z classic sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Sonic's back from his freefall, so he's prepared to find the Code Opals at all cost! He can perform the classic Super Peel-Out and dash throughout the various zones.
Question mark
Chill the Cyberwolf Sonic the Hedgehog 5 (2016) While Chill completely trusted Robotnik back in Sonic 5, he has become more suspicious of his actions after an EggRobo bombs part of the dimension he protects. He can jump higher than Sonic and use his cybernetic arm to shoot laser beams; however, he is quite slow.


Image Name First Appearance Description
Sonic z robotnik
Dr. Robotnik Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) As this mad scientist comes closer and closer to discovering the Hexadecimal Opal, he has constructed even more robots to stop Sonic and help power his latest doomsday device—the Hex Egg, which will roboticize all life in both Sonic's and Chill's dimensions!
Eggrobo generations
EggRobo Sonic & Knuckles (1994) Chill's chasing after this tactical robot for bombing his property. The EggRobo is just about as smart as Robotnik himself, and will not stop to have a conversation in the middle of some serious fighting.
Metal sonic 3d by fentonxd-d5g24ev
Metal Sonic Sonic CD (1993) A robotic copy of Sonic, created by Robotnik to eliminate the hedgehog. He'll stop at nothing to follow his creator's every command, but sometimes he tries a little TOO hard to do so.


Zone # Zone Name Description No. of Acts
1 Humid Treetops Check out this lush rainforest filled with vines, trees, and lakes. There are some vines on trees that you can climb up, and you may freely swing on others. 2
2 Brown Mountain Sonic (or Chill) goes up to the countryside highlands in search of the Code Opals. Take rides down the old mossy lifts—you never know where they might take you. Also, beware of the earthquakes that shake the land! 2
3 Dusty Pyramid A barren desert wasteland awaits your character, as well as the dark pyramid temple where it can be hard to see. Be careful for the quicksand that drags you in, and pull the levers to turn on the lights in the pyramid. 2
4 Dark Mansion Step into this haunted castle—if you dare! Ghosts are lurking everywhere, and the robots are bigger and deadlier. When traveling across the acid ponds, watch your step—one false move and you're done for! 3
5 Pinball Palace The next stop for Sonic/Chill is a brightly lit casino where neon lights and confetti can be seen everywhere you go. Play the pinball machines to your advantage. In the third act, you'll race Metal Sonic, who definitely knows what he's in for.
  • coughcoughStardustSpeedwayandWhiteParkcoughcough*
6 Iron Volcano Robotnik's created some sort of mishmash of lava and molten metal! And it seems that Chill is about to find out who the REAL bad guy is... Of course, you'll need to dodge the magma as usual, but you can ride on the obsidian bricks to help you do so. 3 *
7 Binary Room This is Chill's home, where the Code Opals and their supervisor are quartered. Sonic and Chill will come face-to-face here before discovering Robotnik's true plans. 1
8 Horizon Hideout


Chill's place for personal time is now being invaded by EggRobos! He and Sonic rush through the crumbling fortress in the first act. In the second act, Sonic races Metal Sonic again, while Chill comes across his own robotic counterpart—Mecha Chill. 2
9 Charge Battleship Robotnik's latest warship is prepared to dock into the Hex Egg! Sonic's desperate for his friends, but he'll have to let them go as he fights his way through. Look out for bullets, missiles, and the fiery engines. 1
10 Hex Egg This terrifying doomsday machine is just about ready to roboticize Sonic's world, as well as Chill's. Magnets, electric floors, and mechanical disasters stand in your way, and the elevators make things very confusing. 4 *
11 The Rift Robotnik plans to transform the universe as we know it! As if speed wasn't enough, Sonic will have to use the Code Opals to gain pure coding powers and stop the evil doctor! 1

2 Player VS

Zone Name Description
Exotic Night Zone You and your fellow racer burst through an antique palace where the only light comes from the candles, the chandelier, and the stars.
Icy Desert Zone A weird collision of cold and hot. You'll dash across the burning dunes of the desert, as well as the frozen wasteland in the glacier.
Chaos Island Zone Dodge the crumbling totem poles and fiery trees, and make it through the heavy rainstorms as the two of you rush through the island.


See here.

Lock-On with Sonic 5

If you have both Sonic & Chill and Sonic the Hedgehog 5, you can lock them onto each other in the former's Options menu. After performing this action, you'll receive the full game, Sonic 5 & Chill, as well as a free offer for Sonic 5: Metal Edition.

Sonic 5 & Chill

The complete game allows you to play as Sonic the Hedgehog, Chill the Cyberwolf, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, or Amy Rose in the stages of both halves of the game. To uncover new secrets in the 18 main zones, try playing as Chill in Sonic 5 stages or Tails/Knuckles/Amy in Sonic & Chill stages.

You've got 14 gems to find—the Chaos Emeralds (colored green, yellow, red, blue, purple, white, and sky blue) and the Code Opals (colored orange, pink, cyan, magenta, brown, indigo, and black).

Sonic 5: Metal Edition

Play as Metal Sonic in unique recreations of the 18 zones of Sonic 5 & Chill, battling Sonic and company along the way. At the end, you'll face Silver Sonic, one of his greatest rivals.

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