Kart RacingSonic & All-Stars Racing World of Grand Prix Is a racing game of the Sonic and Sega All Stars series. He returns with modes & Sonic All Star Racing Transformed turns of the circuit. there is a radar that warns approaching any item by far.


Like Transformed, The player can use items and drifts can also turns into uam ship and boat and use the radar demonstrates that the items it from afar.

Games Modes

  • Free Race : Select your favorite character in Transformed Race!
  • World Grand Prix : Win 6 Cups with your favorite character 
  • Time Trials : Beat ghost in circuits
  • World Race : Win races with 10 players in all world
  • Achievements : View your achievements
  • Missions : Clear the missions
  • Team Racer : Win racer with the team



The Character Screen



Exclusive in Wii U

Exclusive in 3DS

Exclusive in XBOX 360

Exclusive in PS3


  • Green Hill Circuit
  • After Runing
  • Graffity City
  • Wale Lagoon
  • Samba City
  • Egg Base
  • Samba Space
  • Sega World
  • Tokyo Street
  • Carrier Zone
  • Ocean View
  • Dragon Canyon
  • Dream Valley
  • Curien Mansion
  • Seasonal Shrines
  • Bingo Road
  • Splash Hill Zone
  • Maraca Ocean
  • Monkey Temple
  • Space Channel Road
  • Shibuya Downtown
  • Circuit of AGES
  • Angel Island
  • OutRun Bay
  • Egg Hangar

World Tour

Go through various events to get all the trophies

Chapter 1  ( Race Hill) 

Event Objective
Samba City Win the race with drift
Green Hill Zone Beat 10 robots
Turbo (Upgrade) Increases turbo for Sonic,Tails,Shadow,AGES and Beat (you need 15 points)
After Runing Win the race 
Shadow (Character) You unlocked Shadow (you need 35 points)
Ocean View Beat Tails,Amy Rose and Shadow in time race
Yellow Drift (Upgrade) Increases the drift for Joe musashi,Vyse,Ulala and Knuckles
Dragon Canyon Win the time trial with drift turbo
Dream Valley Beat Nights and Reala
Egg Base Beat 40 robots and Eggman

Chapter 2 ( Dragon Turbo)

Event Objective
Dragon Canyon Win the race
Curien mansion Beat 50 zombies
Splash Hill Zone Beat 10 robots 
Bingo Road Win the time trial
Seasonal Shrines Win the race 
Red Turbo (Upgrade) Increases the turbo for Amy,Alex Kidd,Vyse,Metal Sonic,Silver and Phantom R (you need 39 points)
Maraca Ocean Win the race 
Vyse (Character) You unlocked Vyse (you need 43 points) 
Monkey Temple Beat AiAi with bananas
Big The Cat (Character) You unlocked Big (you need 46 points)
Dream Valley Collect 10 red balls
Graffiti City Collect 40 grafiitis
All-Star move (Upgrade) Increases the All-Star Move for all characters (you need 57 points)

Chapter 3 (Light Central) 

Event  Objective
Tokyo Street Win the race
Green Turbo ( Upgrade) Increases the turbo for Big,Silver and Nights (you need 60 points) 
Carrier Zone Win the time trial 
Samba Space  Win the race
Space Channel Road Beat Vyse,Sonic,Silver and Ulala
Ulala (Character) You unlocked Ulala (you need 70 points)  
Monkey Temple Win the Race
B.D Joe (Character) You unlocked B.D. Joe (you need 79 points)
Carrier Zone Beat AGES
Nights (Character) You unlocked Nights ( you need 86 points)
Seasonal Shrines Clear race with 5 drifts 

Chapter 4 ( Nitro Bay)

Event Objective
Circuit of AGES  Win time trial
Egg Base Beat Knuckles,Metal Sonic and Eggman
Monkey Temple Win the race
Dreamcast Mod (Upgrade) Increases the drift for Sonic,Opa-Opa and AGES (you need 99 points)
Reala (character) You unlocked Reala (you need 120 points)
Space Channel Road Win the race
Vector The Crocodile (character) You unlocked Vector (you need 126 points)
Bingo Road Beat Big and Amigo
Samba Space Win race with 5 turbos drift
Ocean View Beat 45 robots
Brown Drift (Upgrade) Increases the drift for  Tails,Shadow,Vyse and Joe Musashi 
Splash Hill Zone Win the race
Wreck It Raph (character) You unlocked Raph (you need 150 points)
Angel Island Beat 100 robots
Monkey Temple Win the race
Phantom R (character) You unlocked Phantom R (you needs 180 points)  
After Runing Win the time trial
Dragon Canyon  Win the race
Curien Mansion Beat 10 Zombies 
Dream Valley Beat Ulala,Alex Kidd and Nights in time race

Chapter 5 ( The Sega Park)

Event Objective
Dream Valley Beat Reala and Nights
After Runing  (Mirror mode ) Win the race in mirror mode
Alex Kidd (character) You unlocked Alex Kidd (you needs 195 points) 
Shibuya Downtown Win the race
Cyan speed (Upgrade) Increases the Speed for Ulala and Metal Sonic (you need 200 points)
Curien Mansion (Mirror mode)  Win the race in mirror mode
Silver (character) You unlocked Silver (you need 199 points)  
Tokyo Street Win the race
Sega World Win the race
Metal Sonic (character) You unlocked Metal Sonic (you need 213 points) 
Samba City Collect 10 maracas
Red Acceleration (Upgrade)  Increases the acceleration for all characters (you need 210 points)
Maraca Ocean Beat Amigo in time race 
Carrier Zone Win the time trial
OutRun Bay Clear 5 chains and 2 checkpoints 
Samba Space Win the race
Circuit of Ages Win the race

Final  ( The Sega World)

Event Objective
Tokyo Street Collect 19 garaffits
Maraca Ocean Win the race
Carrier Zone Win the Race
Green Hill Zone Clear 5 chains and 5 checkpoints
Wale Lagoon Win the race with 5 drifts
Joe Musashi ( character) You unlocked Joe Musashi (you need 235 points)   
Samba Space Clear 8 chains and 4 checkpoints
Ocean View Beat 58 robots
Egg Base Beat Sonic,Shadow,Joe Musashi and Eggman in Time Race
Opa-Opa (character) You unlocked Opa-Opa (you need 248 points)
After Runing (Mirror Mode) Clear 10 chains and 18 checkpoints
Curien Mansion Beat the Giant Zombie  
Space Channel Road Win the Time Trial
Gillus (character) You unlocked Gillus Thunderhead (you need 250 points)
Bingo Road  Win the Time Trial
Green Acceleration (Upgrade) Increases the Acceleration for Tails,Amy,Ralph,Joe, and Pulseman
OutRun Bay (Mirror Mode) Win the race with 10 drifts 
Seasonal Shrines Win the Race with 12 turbos
Circuit of AGES Beat Alex Kidd,Gillus,Pulseman and AGES
Green Hill Zone (Mirror Mode) Beat the Giant Robot

Ristar (character)

You unlocked Ristar (you need 300 points)
Curien Mansion (Mirror Mode) Win the Race
Pulseman (character) You unlocked Pulseman (you need 310 points)
Egg Hangar Win the Time Trial 
Dynamite Headdy (character) You unlocked Dynamite Headdy (you need 329 points) 
Sega World (Mirror Mode) Win the race 
AGES (character) You unlocked AGES (you needs 358 points)



  • Super Sonic - Sonic
  • NICOLE's Computer - Sally
  • Tornado - Tails
  • Piko Piko Hammer - Amy
  • Master Emerald - Knuckles
  • Rockets - Eggman
  • Banana Blaster -  AiAi
  • Big Egg - Billy Hatcher