There's only one rule here: Crap is now not considered a bad word, so the only bad word in here is crap.

So, yep.

Some will be dark, some will be funny, but they'll all be by yours truly!


1: Shedding Blood (Dark)

"So, you two teamed up, huh? I wouldn't call THIS teamwork.," Sonic said.

Zazz, the pink Zeti, and Zor, the grey Zeti, had teamed up for a rematch in Windy Hill. After being defeated, the Zeti needed to beat Sonic together.

"Oh, sure! Well, WE'RE GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!," Zazz yelled.

"This is pointless. It won't work at all.," Zor replied.


"Well, this is getting no-where...," Sonic said. But at the same time, he thought of something. When Zazz yelled at Zor, the grey Zeti cringed in fear.

Why? Didn't Zor never fell emotion?

"Ok, ok! Can't we just fight now?"

"Oh...YEAH!!! GET HIM, ZOR!!!"

Suddenly, the two Zeti lunged at Sonic in an effort to kill him. Sonic, with fast reflexes, zoomed over to the side.

"Sorry. I thought I saw a Ring.," Sonic said.

"YOUR GOING HOME IN A BOX!!!," Zazz yelled.

When Zazz said that, the fight continued. The Zeti laid some hits, but Sonic mostly attacked AND dodged them. Zazz DID lay a few hits on Zor by accident, but that just cause more yelling, and more looks of fear.

Suddenly, Zazz grabbed Zor, and lunged at Sonic by suprise.

"Hey, a robot!," Sonic yelled, moving out of the way.

When he did, both Zeti landed on a spring directly behind Sonic, causing them to bounce into a tree, hit a Badnik, and land on the ground face-first.

"Well, two down, four to go! See...," Sonic started to say, but he heard Zazz's grunts and Zor's moaning.

Then, it happened.

Zazz started to clench his fists in a violent manner, almost looking like he was gonna KILL someone. His pink skin tone turned slightly red, and STEAM came out of the sides of his mouth.

Suddenly, Zazz screamed.

Zor covered his ears in pain. He knew what happening, and he tried to run, but Zazz quickly grab his hair, lifting him up.

"DO I LOOK HAPPY TO YOU, YOU USELESS CRAP?!," Zazz screamed at Zor, punching his purple haired comrade in the chest.

"THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!!! YOUR LUCKY THAT ZAVOK ISN'T TEARING YOU APART!!!!," Zazz screamed, slamming Zor's head in the ground. Zor had to cover his mouth, as blood started to trickle out.


With that, Zazz threw the bleeding Zor to the ground, breaking a bone in his arm, and making him lose his bladder.


Zazz stopped screaming and looked over. There was Sonic, crossing his arms and giving him a look of anger.

"He doesn't deserve this, you pink bully! Leave him alone, or I'll send Zavok after you!"

"Why, you little...I hate you. It's the Deadly FIVE now. We'll find a new replacment!," Zazz yelled, jumping away from what he did.

With Zazz gone, Sonic walked up to the bruised and beaten Zor, hoping he'd at least get up.


"Wh-what? I can't..."

"GO. I can travel alone."

"No. I can't let you do that. You need help, and I'm going to give it to you.

Zor let out a small cry of pain, and got up.

"Fine. I don't trust you, however.," Zor sniffled. Weakly grabbing Sonic's hand, he stumbled with Sonic over to Tail's biplane.


"You lost. Again.," Zavok growled.

"It was...HIS...fault! He wasn't listening!," Zazz replied.

"You can be quiet. I'm done with you. I'm sending Zonom to do your work. Now go before I send you to Zik.," Zavok said.

Without an argument, Zazz ran to a random location, screaming at the top of his lungs.

2: Tail's Biplane Fails (Funny)

Tails woke up. He wasn't too hurt from the crash. "Just a few stratches," he thought.

He just saw Sonic running across what they called, "Windy Hill." They got shot down by Eggman, and Sonic hoped off the plane just in time.

"Now...let's repair the Tornado!," Tails said. He grabbed his wrench and his toolbox, and got to work.

More coming soon!

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