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Sonic: Dark Chaos
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Developer(s) Talix Arts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
TBA 2011
single-player, multiplater
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown

Sonic: Dark Chaosis a upcoming 3D Sonic the Hedgehog series Platformer for the Wii. In the game, Sonic and Shadow join forces along with their friends to stop a evil warlock from corrupting everything good.


Sonic gets a urgent call from his old friend, Lilly to head to Emerald City where her uncle losts the Dark Chaos Emerald (a rare and powerful gem of dark energy). Sonic is soon joined by his friends and his rival, Shadow. They soon discover a cloaked thief has its hands on the gem until Dr. Eggman races to find him. They all soon learn the cloaked foe is revealed to be Sinister the Hedgehog, a powerful warlock who wants to use the powers of the emerald to corrupt everything. Sonic reluctantly has to join forces with Shadow to stop Sinister from doing that such task while trying to find the other Chaos Emeralds before the whole world turns dark.


The game is heavily inspired by the classic Sonic games and gameplay from Sonic Adventure. The power-ups like the 10 extra rings, shield, invincibility, and super speed will return along with 4 brand new power ups. In the game, Sonic and Shadow each have different levels in one zone, so the gameplay is split in two kinds: "Sonic" levels and "Shadow" levels each of them consist of 5 levels in one area zone. Players have the freedom of choosing which character to go play first; if a second player comes aboard, both players can play Sonic and Shadow in a unqiue spilt screen.

More insights of the gameplay will be revealed in February 10, 2011.

Black Chaos Emerald (aka Dark Chaos Emerald)

The Black Chaos Emerald now known as the Dark Chaos Emerald is the rarest Chaos Emerald ever found. No one knows about its origins, but stories have mentioned a "protector" whose sole mission is to keep the gem from evil forces. The emerald's powers are different than the original Chaos emeralds. This emerald has the power to corrupt anything and convert dark enegry in more powerful ways. Dr. Knox is the recent proetector, but a shadowy force is soon going to change everything when he steals it later to be revealed it was a warlock known as Sinister who intends to use the powers of the Dark Chaos emerald to its fullest potential.


All the zones can be accessed by a special key seperated in the main world, Emerald City. You can use either Sonic or Shadow to find the keys.


  • Highside Valley Zone
  • Midday River Zone
  • Cosmic Isle Zone
  • Forbidden Hill Zone
  • Underground Tomb Zone
  • Express Zone
  • Fortress Zone
  • Hedgehog Hall Zone


Adventure Mode

This is where you start off the single player mode.

Party Mode

A Mario Party-like mode where 20 mini games are provided; all the characters are playable, but most of them are unlockables.

Online Mode

The game is also noted to be the first game ever to feature online gameplay such as Wi-Fi. The features include ‘’’4-player race’’’, ‘’’Extreme Tag’’’, ‘’’Bowling’’’, and ‘’’Horseshoe’’’.


This where the options to change the controller type, sound settings, game settings, online settings, credits, and unlockables are held.


Here are the confirmed characters:

Main Playable

Main Playable for the Adventure, Party, and Online modes.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog': He is the main protagonist. He helps Dr. Knox by retreiving the Dark Chaos Emerald from the dangerous and powerful Sinister. Later in the game he will be Super Sonic after collecting all the Chaos emeralds.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Reluctantly joins forces with Sonic and co. to help stop Sinister; meanwhile, he has a different agenda.

Non-Main Playable/ Sonic Allies

Playable only for the Party and Online modes.


  • (New) Sinister the Hedgehog: The main antagonist of the game; he is an poweful warlock who first cloaked himself as the "Unknown theif" to steal the rare Dark Chaos Emerald and uses its powers to corrupt the world starting with Emerald City and its many zones. He uses the emerald to power up his scepter to cast spells or dark magic.
  • Dr. Eggman: He is Sonic's arch-nemesis who learns about the powers of the rare emerald and his continued search to find it until crossing paths with Sinister.