Sonic:Chaotix is a 2017 game for Wii U. it Is a Sequel to Knuckles Chaotix on Sega 32X.


Shortly after the Events of Sonic Generations. Knuckles meets Team Chaotix. They need help on Searching for Mighty the Armadillo. Who has been Missing since 1996. And they try to Get Knuckles to Remember their Past Together. After a Flashback Knuckles joins them on Their search for Mighty and calls Bark and Bean for help. Meanwhile Sonic, Marine, Amy, and Ray are having a Picnic while Tails, Silver, and Shadow build a Time Machine. Team Chaotix meets them and Wonders if they Could help. Sonic couincidentaly Remembers that Mighty has been Kidnapped by Fang and Left him in His secret Factory. Sonic and Marine decide to Lead them to Fang's Factory to Save Mighty while Tails, Ray, and Silver Stay Behind. But Ray stops them and Gives them the Ring chains for they Leave. Later  they meet Rouge, Cream and Big who Decide to Help too. Finally they find Fang who has Mighty in a Jailcell. After a battle with Fang's giant Mech. The Gang frees   Mighty. He thanks them For all the Help and they head home. Meanwhile Dr. Eggman has became Free from being Frozen in Time and meets Fang. While Fang shows all of his Upcoming Creations, he shows off his Latest one. The Deadly six. Dr. Eggman decides to Borrow his Prototype and trains Them to destroy Sonic as he Captures animals. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy notice Eggman Capturing more Animals. As he Flies away Sonic and Tails head onto the Tornado to Stop him

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