Sonic's Ultimate Challenge Part 2 is the sequel to Sonic's Ultimate Challange Part 1, and is for the Xbox One and the Nintendo 53. It's rated E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Up by the ESRB, and is created by TTY Inc.


After seeing a preview of what happened last time, Tails runs off to tell everyone. After telling Amy, she says she doesn't believe him. Then, some black hedgehog (who's not Shadow) that's wearing Sonic's Sneakers lands behind them. The two turn around, and believe it to be Sonic.

Meanwhile, Sonic wakes up in a place that seems very familiar to him. Relieved to not be dead (or was he?), Sonic decided to look around. After walking around for a bit, he sees a busted prison cell. Sonic then realises where he was. He was in E.G.G. Escape Base, somewhere in Eggmanland. Sonic remembered sending that place to annother dimension with Chaos Control, and rememberd what he found in space: the Time Eater, from his adventure in Sonic Generations. Then, a Time Overlord comes out of hiding. Then annother. And then annother. Soon, Sonic was surounded by Time Overlords. One tryed to smash Sonic with it's hand, but Sonic just uses it as a catapult to launch himself away from them. The adventure starts here.

More Coming Soon!

Confirmed Characters




  • White Wisp
    • Boost
  • Magenta Wisp
    • Magenta Rhythm
  • Crimson Wisp
    • Crimson Eagle

More Coming Soon!


  • Destroyed Base
  • Dimension's End

More Coming Soon!

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