Chapter 1: A Struggle

"So, whatcha doin' Tails?" A blue hedgehog named Sonic asked as Tails was inventing something.

"Oh, I'm building the-" Sonic and Tails were interrupted by an explosion as people were screaming in their residental village.

"HAHAHAHAHAH!" went a man with a moustache and pince nez glasses along with two robots named Orbot and Cubot.

"That explosion woke me up!" yawned Knuckles as he punched a rock.

"Aaaaah! It's Robotnik!" a Japanese villager shouted.

"Oh, Sonic! Look who I have!" Eggman said as he held up Amy.

"Ew!" yelled Sonic. "Get her away from me!"

"Fine then!" Eggman said, gritting. He asked kindly "Do you want a batch of kittens?"

"No!" yelled Sonic.

"Um, Eggman? You may need a Genesis so you can learn more about being a villain!" Orbot told Eggman in a bossy mode.

Chapter 2: Sonic wakes up

"Wha?..." Sonic wakes up in a tent surrounded by Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Blaze.

"Sonic! Are you okay?" asked Amy.

"Yeah!" Sonic answered. The others laughed.



  • Cubot does not appear.