Sonic's Mega Quest is a game by Jet, Inc.. Please make no edits unless given permission by Peanutjon (tbc) or Micool26 (tbc).

Playable Characters



Sonic and Tails are at Green Hill Zone when suddenly all of the animals ran away but became robots. Dr. Eggman laughs and flies away. They run off.


Sonic and his friends run into Dr. Eggman's lair and attack him. Using his robots he makes it a hard battle, but in the end his robots all explode leaving him unconscious. They save the animals which go home. It then plays the credits.


It's played like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Adventure Mode, except instead of switching between only Mario and Sonic you can switch between whoever is on your team. Also, no minigames.


  • Jump: A
  • Move: Control Pad
  • Switch: Start


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