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Sonic's End logo
Sonic's End is a platforming title for the Wii U starring the famous evil scientist Dr. Eggman in a mission to destroy the blue hedgehog and his friends. It was released in early 2016, not long after the poorly received titles Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal. The game Sonic's End is supposed to end the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise due to Sonic's recent failures of being a stable series.

After this game's release, Sega gave ownership of the Sonic franchise to Nintendo for hopes that Sonic may get better under their care.  Contrary to popular belief that it would work, it really did not work out.  It was this game that ruined Sonic as a franchise permanently.


Tired of the mediocre ideas of Sega, Dr. Eggman decides to end the entire Sonic franchise by killing the blue blur, hoping to reset in the better world of Nintendo. Dr. Eggman gets inside an old mech and dusts it, when he is questioned by Orbot and Cubot what he is doing. The scientist responds by firing at them with missiles, then proceeds to start training his machine.

After a few hours of training, Dr. Eggman boots up Metal Sonic, who instantly goes to his aid. The two wordlessly walk outside where Eggman mutters "training". The two spend their time destroying targets, eventually coming across and murdering Cream, who was regarded as a friend of Sonic. Surprised that Dr. Eggman killed someone, Metal Sonic vows to himself to stay by his master's side.

The two walk down the harbor, where Eggman thinks that there is one more thing he needs; a valuable material, the Booster. Eggman collects it and kills Big on his own command, eliminating yet another member of Team Rose. Dr. Eggman realizes that he didn't leave locks to his base, so it may have been attacked, prompting him to go back and lock it, only to hear that he was attacked in the underground portion of the base, forcing him to go down and destroy Charmy, who was said intruder.

Thinking everything was settled, he locks the underground base and heads over to Angel Island, ignoring the island's defenses and stealing the Master Emerald, destroying Rouge who happened to be there. Eggman and Metal Sonic try to decide on what to do next, Eggman deciding that he should start eliminating Sonic's friends from behind the scenes, eventually rendering Sonic helpless. Satisfied, Eggman makes a dumb pun and begins scheming once again.


Gameplay slightly resembles that of Tails' and Eggman's stages in the game Sonic Adventure 2. Dr. Eggman's goal is to get from one end of a level to the other, shooting and targeting enemies in a mech to gain points. The bigger the combos, the more points Eggman gets. Unlike the gameplay of the aforementioned Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman's stages aren't quite as linear and he is able to freely explore the levels and collect treasures. These treasures can be viewed in the game's vault.

Dr. Eggman has three hub worlds he can navigate: Egg Base, Island Shelter and City Hideout. All hub worlds connect to five levels, each one holding three different challenges and a character to annihilate at the end. Eggman is free to communicate with his robots in the overworld, making this the first and only game to display this feature.

In most levels, Dr. Eggman can summon Metal Sonic to help him in the main game. Metal Sonic behaves like how Tails is to Sonic; he follows Eggman and helps him do a bit of cleaning up. Much like Tails, Metal Sonic does not take any damage. He is able of picking up rings and adding them to Eggman's collection as well. But unlike Tails, Metal Sonic can be used directly with the Y button, bringing him to attention. Metal Sonic can preform one of three commands; Black Shield, Hyperdrive and Metal Blitz. These can be rotated through with the d-pad and can be used by pressing Y again. If Metal Sonic is not given a command in eight seconds within being summoned, he returns to acting Tails like.

In the overworld, Dr. Eggman can use rings to buy new weapons to use in levels to replace what he can use with the B and X buttons.  He is able to switch out his weapons to suit his various needs.

At the end of every level, Eggman is ranked for how well he did, from five stars (best) to one star (worst).  The larger the score, the less time used up in the level, and the more rings Eggman has, the higher of a chance he gets of getting a good grade in the level he's in.  If Eggman gets a five star ranking for the first time, he gets an extra life.


  • Analog stick - Move Dr. Eggman. (move Metal Sonic with second controller)  On menus the analog stick switches between options.
  • D-Pad - Switch between Metal Sonic's weapons.
  • A button - Jump.  If A is held, Dr. Eggman will hover.  This is useful for crossing small gaps.  On menus A confirms actions.
  • B button - Shoot.  If B is held, Dr. Eggman will shoot out a harmless laser.  If this laser makes contact with anything that can be targeted and destroyed (like enemies), a crossmark will appear.  Releasing B allows Eggman to fire.  If Eggman holds the laser down too long without destroying anything, it will die out, ruining whatever possible combo could have been used.  On menus B cancels actions.
  • X button - Fire missiles.  Dr. Eggman's supply is not unlimited, so he must collect missile packs as he goes.  He starts off with 5, the max being 30.  The missiles are more powerful than Eggman's standard "bullet attack" that he can form with the B button, and the missiles explode upon contact and automatically lock onto enemies if the X button is held and if crossmarks appear on them.
  • Y button - Summon Metal Sonic to do bidding.  Pressing the Y button again triggers the attack Metal Sonic is set upon using.
  • L and R buttons - Camera twisting.
  • + button - Pause and unpause.


Image Name Description Role
Dr.Eggman - Sonic Colors - (1)
Dr. Eggman

Knowing that Sonic went too far as an industry, Eggman decides to bring the franchise - as well as the blue hedgehog and even himself - to an end.

Eggman is an evil scientist with the constant desire to conquer the world and create Eggmanland.  Sonic's way of things disrupt his plans, leaving him without much choice but to try and destroy him before he can do his main task, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

Metal Sonic 7
Metal Sonic

Honestly a robot that just wants the series to end so he doesn't fall apart every time for trying to destroy a damn hedgehog.

A mindless robot programmed and designed by Dr. Eggman to destroy Sonic.  He is very powerful and can mimic most of Sonic's abilities, as well as use a few of his own.

SSB4 - Sonic Artwork
Sonic the Hedgehog

The one guy that has been laughing at Eggman for twenty five years.  It's Eggman's mission to destroy him.

Sonic is a cocky, carefree type that believes in freedom, although he says things with a rather nasty tone.  An interruption to Eggman's plans, and a constant speedy disaster to him, it's no wonder why he's constantly targetted by the scientist.


Hubs / Levels

Egg Base

This is the first hub world in the game, and is where Eggman makes his plans and inventions.  It's a relatively small hub world with not much to interact with although all of the E series cameo here as reconstructed beings, remade to give Eggman information about his mission to destroy Sonic.


Scrambled Egg

Scrambled Egg is the primary base of operations, and is the first level.  There are many test targets, such as Tails and Knuckles dolls (referencing Sonic Adventure), to destroy.  There are no bottomless pits and there are no enemies that actually attack you, rendering you safe.  At the end of the level, you battle Silver Sonic, who has been reprogrammed to be a test dummy for Dr. Eggman to beat up upon.

  • Mission 1: Complete training.
  • Mission 2: Annihilate all of the level's dolls.
  • Mission 3: Finish the level within a minute and a half.

Jungle Ruins

Jungle Ruins is the second level and is merely a level for Eggman to train Metal Sonic.  Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic must team up to destroy GUN robots that attempt to attack, and go deep within the ruins.  Waiting for you down at the end is Cream, who turns out to be the first target for you to destroy.

  • Mission 1: Assist in making Metal Sonic a worthy companion, then destroy Cream.
  • Mission 2: Find the lost Dark Chao.
  • Mission 3: Destroy 40 GUN robots.

Foggy Harbor

Eggman makes his way to the Foggy Harbor to collect an upgrade for himself; the booster.  The booster will boost Eggman's ability to navigate levels much more easily.  Eggman must jump between several ships and get to the very end, only to come across and eventually destroy Big.

  • Mission 1: Hover across the harbor and destroy Big the cat.
  • Mission 2: Collect the golden treasure within the Grand Vessel.
  • Mission 3: Collect 100 rings.

Underground Descent

Dr. Eggman enters underground to get rid of an intruder who tries to enter from within the base's underground portion.  Eggman must descend the area, destroying GUN robots as he goes, then take down the intruder at the bottom, who happens to be Charmy.

  • Mission 1: Descend, confront, and destroy the intruder.
  • Mission 2: Descend the area within 45 seconds.
  • Mission 3: Descend the area without touching the ground.

Angel Island

Finally ready to proceed with plans, Eggman heads to Angel Island to steal the Master Emerald.  Eggman must shoot through the defenses of Angel Island, such as pillars that try to fall upon him and chao who try to attack him with mind beams.  At the end awaits Rouge the bat, who has attempted to steal the emerald for herself.  Kill her.

  • Mission 1: Steal the Master Emerald and annihilate Rouge.
  • Mission 2: Destroy all of the Chao.
  • Mission 3: Go beyond the Master Emerald and destroy the temple that lays beyond it.

Island Shelter

This is the second hub world of the game, and definitely the largest one.  It's a full, explorable island with many secrets to uncover.  It is here where Eggman finds an artifact that gains him an upper hand against Sonic.







City Hideout

A moderate sized alley way where Eggman hides from Sonic and his friends, who patrol the city.  Eggman's able to interact with some of his robots here, and is able to enter the streets to cause destruction later on.








  • 20 Ring Pack: Boosts Eggman's ring count by 20.
  • Sparkle Fluid: Eggman becomes invincible for twenty seconds.
  • Eggman Icon: Eggman gains an extra life.
  • Checkpoint Monitor: Behaves as a checkpoint; if Eggman dies in a level he'll respawn to the last Checkpoint Monitor rather than to the beginning of the entire level.
  • Power Hitter: Eggman's attacks incease in power by 1.2x, allowing for heavier hitting.  The ability is lost if Eggman is hit.
  • Defense Holder: Eggman's defenses allow him to take a hit and still have half the rings he had of the original amount.  For example, if Eggman had 200 rings, he'd have 100 rings if hit.  However, as the DH only works once, he'll lose all his rings if hit again.
  • Speed Hyperdrive: Eggman goes at 1.3x the speed, allowing for faster time finishes and allowing for easier escapes.  Lasts until Eggman is hit.


Buttons that use B

  • Hyperfire: Eggman fires at a rapid rate, his lock on attacks don't deal as much damage but he fires way more bullets.
  • Bombardment: Eggman fires a bomb at an enemy, which bounces off onto the next enemy and so on forth.  They explode in large radiuses, but Eggman cannot fire many at a time.
  • Wide Laser: Works identically to the standard attack but the laser beam is wider.

Buttons that use X

  • Sixlaser: Eggman fires six lasers in front of him, destroying all those in his path or at least doing heavy damage.  Against bosses it doesn't do quite as much damage.
  • Fire Launcher: Eggman launches fire balls rather than missiles, while they don't do much damage they can be fired extremely rapidly and go at fast speeds.  Refills for these can be found more often than any other weapon that uses X.
  • Mine Launcher: Launches several small mines that do nice explosive damage.  They can harm Eggman if he's not careful, however.


  • Silver Sonic: Silver Sonic is rather slow, and does nothing but really spindash around the arena, and slide across it on his feet. If he's sliding as an attack, shoot him, as he will fly into a wall and take damage. When at low health, his spindashes will begin shooting out large spikes.
  • Cream: She'll toss Cheese at Eggman for little damage. Just shoot the chao and then Cream herself to kill her instantly. She is often regarded as a joke boss.
  • Big: Big will swing his fishing rod to knock Eggman off the harbor.  Eggman must dodge the rod then hit Big with his weapon.  Big is invincible but can be knocked into the water and get eaten by a shark.  If knocked into the water Eggman wins.
  • Charmy: Charmy will try to attack you with loud rock and roll music to drive you away, but you can simply murder him on the spot.
  • Rouge: She'll try to fire gems at you to slow your progress, then try to swoop in and knock you to the ground.  Avoid that attack and shoot at her with whatever you got.


The game was given universal acclaim.  IGN rated it 10/10 for it ending the horrid era of Sonic (and the franchise in general).  Sonic's End was praised for it's terrific graphics and nearly flawless gameplay, with little glitches to find and very few errors in the game.  The rock and roll inspired soundtrack was praised for being great, although not as perfectly made as that of Lost World's or Sonic Unleashed's it was still regarded as good.  The compromise of Eggman destroying Sonic was "fascinating" according to a special review from Reggie Fils-Amie himself.


  • This game ends the Sonic franchise on Sega's behalf, and begins again in a brand new way...

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