Sonic's Adventures is a video game. It is part of the Silly Sonic series... That is all I'm saying.


Dr. Eggman takes a portal into a different dimension and calls Eggman Nega a "silly potato". After a 5 minute unskippable cutscene, Eggman and Eggman Nega jump back into the portal. Eggman then announces he will take over the world (and doesn't say how).

Eggman Nega then magically bumps into Sonic, Tails and Knuckles saying they need to work together to defeat Eggman. Eggman Nega says he knows someone who is located... somewhere.

After 40 minutes of running about the hub world and 2 minutes of waiting for the cutscene to load, you meet a guy called The Man, a green hedgehog called Billy Bob and a guy who looks almost identical to Gerald Robotnik called Wobble Top. The seven then work together to defeat Eggman once and for all.

Meanwhile, Black Doom comes back (it is not explained why) and captures Omega. Shadow goes off to save Omega, but begins having Maria flashbacks for no reason.


Gameplay is similar to Sonic '06, only worse; Sonic randomly changes his speed for no reason, objects keep vanishing and reappearing and the game slows down all the damn time.


In Sonic's Story, there is a boss called Eggbert the Wobblytot who you have to fight four times. You beat him by homing attacking into him millions of times. He will throw bombs at you. He will also throw bouncing balls which stay on the stage. Eventually, he throws multiple balls at once and major slow down kicks in.

In Shadow's Story, you have to fight Black Bull three times as well as Black Doom at the end.

You also have to fight a character called White Knuckles three times in Sonic's Story and twice in Shadow's Story. Basically he is just Knuckles with a white re-colour. You beat him by dodging his floating boxing gloves and attack him whilst he is dancing about.


  • The moment you boot up the game, you get a picture of Sonic staring at the screen with a grin. The camera is right up to his face.
  • You will spend about 40% of your time playing this game waiting for load times to finish and about 10% watching boring and long cutscenes.