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The Sondar Region is the region that the Eighth Generation of Pokemon takes place in. It is filled with new Pokemon, like Centipillar & Flyborg, along with some old ones, like Pikachu & Sharpedo. The Sondar Region also has two new Pokemon Types:Robotic Type, and Special Type (Known as Sparkle Type in PAL Regions). This region consists of mountains (most of which are snowy), a little desert, a little swamp, but mostly consists of open fields and cities. It has an archipelago to the Northwest known as the Angeles Islands, and one big island to the Southwest, which is known as Adventure Island, which is shrouded in mystery. The region is located to the west of Unova.


For more information on this subject, see Generation VIII (Sondar)/Pokémon.


Pokemon Sparkle version

This game takes place in the Sondar Region, and the first game to be in this region. Not much is known about this game, yet.

Other Info

  • This region is based on California. This would explain why the archipalego is named the Angeles Islands.

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