Son Time
Full Name Son Time


Son Time was created by Father Time some time around the 90s,due to this he is extremely "hip" and ""radical"" which is highlighted by his skateboard melee and godawful fashion sense.


Son Time is a great hit and run character,he is fast enough to get in and out quickly and his slowdown fields can cripple defences enough for Juggernauts and Kra;Guls to sweep.


Dual Uzis

High damaging but low accuracy do to his insistency to hold them sideways,the Dual Uzis are good close range weapons but obviously pretty shit at long range. They also have a pretty long reload


The Stopwatch has the ability to speed up you and people around you or shoot a bubble of time-slowing energy,slowing down bullets and enemies who go through it.


Son Time is a confirmed Sk8er Boi and with this he will make you say see you l8r boi to not having a broken nose. It's a slow-hitting but high damage melee with nothing really special to say about it otherwise


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Appearances in other games

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