"Some Assembly Required, Part 2 (Team Flare)"
Season 1, episode 2
Airdate:  ???
Director: Drak Drookleson
Story: Drak Drookleson
Written &
storyboarded by:
Drak Drookleson
"Some Assembly Required, Part 1"
"The Ninja"

Some Assembly Required, Part 2 is the second episode of Team Flare, and the second half of the series premiere.


The group joins together to face the leader of the alien army, as he declares war on the universe.


The episode starts where the last one left off, with Mika and Data surrounded by an army of reptile-like aliens.

Mika: Wait... who are you? Where did you come from? Why is this happening? What's with the fake australian accent?

Data: I don't have time to explain anything right now!

Mika: Not even the accent?

Data: No, not until we're in the clear!

Data and Mika successfully fend off most of the aliens, but more come in. Mika and Data flee to a nearby sketchy alleyway.

Mika: OK, so NOW will you tell me who you are?

Data: My name is Daniel Martin, but now I'm known as Data. I used to be a normal human until some assholes at A21 Industries turned me into this. *clenches robotic fist*

Mika: Oh..... I'm sorry....

Data: Nah, it's fine. Being a part-robot has its perks. Plus, the accent was just 'cause I was bored.

Mika: OK, cool. Hey, do you hear something?

The two look behind a corner, where they see Mika's teacher, Mr. Gray, talking to an alien soldier.

Alien: I TOLD you it wouldn't work!

Mr. Gray: Now listen here, I had a perfectly good plan to destroy those kids' brain cells, but YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN!

Alien: The general will be very displeased with you.

Mr. Gray: Oh, I'm not afraid of him!

Mika and Data then turn and confront the teacher, who looks stressed.

Mr. Gray: Oh come on!

Mr. Gray then sheds his human "skin," turning into another alien.

Mr. Graylien: Kill those brats!

Alien soldiers chase Mika and Data out of the alley, as the scene cuts to Koloro and Sketch surrounded by aliens. Koloro uses orange and green energy blasts to keep the creatures away, while Sketch slashes at them with his paintbrush.

Koloro: How are you doing?

Sketch: Good. For a paintbrush, this thing is surprisingly solid.

Koloro: Yeah.... how do you think Mika's doing?

Sketch: I... I don't know.

Koloro and Sketch stop attacking as the last few aliens either flee or die.

Sketch: We should probably check the hospital, see if she's still there.

???: I'll come with!

Sketch turns around to see a fuzzy creature with rainbow fur, wearing a suit and tie.

Sketch: Uh.... who are-

Koloro: Uh, this is my friend Kontrast. Sorry, I haven't told you about him yet.

Kontrast: I live in a tree!

Koloro: Yes. Yes he does.

Kontrast: Anyway, let's head to that hospital!

Koloro, Kontrast and Sketch rush to the hospital, only to see it's in ruin, seeing the corpse of the uninterested nurse.

Kontrast: Woah!

Koloro: Mika? I-Is she....dead?

Koloro falls to her knees, on the edge of tears, while Sketch looks at her sympathetically. Suddenly, Data is knocked into the room by a large alien.

Kontrast: Hey, who are you supposed to be?

Data: The name's Data. Will you help me get these alien creeps off my planet?

Kontrast: YOUR planet?

Koloro: Not right now, Kontrast.

Sketch: Alright guys, all together now.

The four now attack the large alien all at once, Koloro and Kontrast shooting multi-colored energy blasts, Sketch slashing at him with his paintbrush, and Data blasting it with his arm cannon. Finally, the alien falls to the ground, defeated.

After defeating the alien, the group heads outside to see a bunch of flying drones shooting at many alien soldiers. They seem more concerned with getting them all into one place, rather than killing them.

Data: Well that's peculiar.

The person controlling the droids is revealed to be a girl in a blue shirt wielding a cybernetic sword. With a few slashes, the girl eradicates all the aliens.

Data: And I thought my powers were cool.

Girl: Heh, thanks. My friend should be here soon. Who are you guys?

Kontrast: My name's Kontrast. And that's Koloro, Sketch, and weird cyborg guy.

Data: *angrily* My name is Data.

Girl: Nice to meet you all, my name is Amy! Now...

Amy briefly turns around, glancing at more aliens coming in from the sky.

Amy: We have some trash to clean up.

The aliens are suddenly caught off guard by a trail of fire blazing across them, as Mika emerges with a sly grin.

Koloro: Mika! You're alive!

Data: You know her?

The group watches as Mika proceeds to take the aliens out using her fire powers. After taking out the aliens, Mika walks towards the group, where Koloro hugs her tightly.

Koloro: I thought you were dead! I'm so glad you're ok!

Mika: Heh, yeah.

Sketch: And you have fire powers now?

Mika: Yeah, must have been from that freaky meteor.

Alien Minion: Wow, these guys are too strong! *grabs megaphone* ATTENTION! WE HAVE TO RETRE-

The last alien minion is stabbed by a sword being held by a dark-skinned man wearing bright orange and purple clothing, with spiky green hair.

Amy: Oh hey Tayshaun!

Tayshaun: Hey Amy. Glad you're in one piece.

Amy: Oh, it's not like it's the hardest thing we've ever faced.

Kontrast: Wait a second.... are those your normal clothes? Because, you know Halloween was last month, right?

Tayshaun: Oh haha, very funny.

From the rubble of a broken down building, an alien wearing a strange crown and heavy armor rises.

Alien Leader: Oh, you brats! You think YOU can stop US!?!? I have an entire planet ready to kill you all! I declare a UNIVERSE-WIDE WAR!

The group stands together, ready to fight the Alien King, when he is heard screaming. The camera switches to the King being stabbed by a four-eyed woman with a sly grin.

Tayshaun: What the-

Data: The Threat.

Kontrast: The whosa whatsa?

The Threat: Laughs Sorry kid, but I don't want to deal with TWO wars.

The Threat pushes the alien leader's corpse down to the ground as he dies. The group looks on, flabbergasted.

Sketch: Two....wars?

The Threat then teleports away laughing, leaving an awkward silence as the aliens retreat.

Tayshaun: So.... do you guys wanna go eat somewhere?



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