"Some Assembly Required, Part 1 (Team Flare)"
Season 1, episode 1
Airdate:  ???
Director: Drak Drookleson
Story: Drak Drookleson
Written &
storyboarded by:
Drak Drookleson
"Some Assembly Required, Part 2"

Some Assembly Required, Part 1 is the first episode of Team Flare, and the first half of the series premiere.


When a meteor gives Mika strange new powers, she must use them to combat an army of alien space pirates. But she can't do it alone...


The episode starts with Mika in her classroom. With only 2 minutes left in school, everyone waits, bored, as their teacher goes on about the equation of "E times x4 divided by 46 squared cubed." 

Mr. Gray: And that, students, is why you must carry the four before multiplying it times seven to the 3rd power-

The bell abruptly rings, and the students rush out of the class before the teacher can blink. The camera focuses in on Mika Sho, Sketch, and Koloro walking out of class.

Mika Sho: That class was....definately something.

Koloro: Yeah, I mean school can be boring, but I never felt like it was making me LOSE brain cells.

Sketch: Hey guys.... did you hear about the meteor?

Mika: The one that messed up the Basketball Court, and caused the school pet to turn into a fire-breathing lizard?

Sketch: That's the one! Wanna go check it out?

Koloro: Th-That's a horrible idea!

Sketch: True....

Mika: Let's do it.

Sketch: Serious?

Mika: Yeah!

The scene switches to Sketch and Mika at the fallen meteor. It appears to be glowing orange-red, and radiation from it still seems to be leaking into the ground.

Sketch: Now that's a sight to behold.

Mika: Yeah....

Sketch: So... do you wanna head back and hang with the guys, or?....

Mika: *eyes glaze over* I feel the need to....touch it....

Sketch: I don't think you should-

Before Sketch can stop her, Mika lays her hand on the meteor and the screen cuts to black, it than speeds through visions of fire and The Threat laughing.

The scene changes to Mika waking up in a hospital bed and sees a bored-looking nurse sitting in a chair.

Nurse: Oh good, you're awake.

Mika: What the, what happened?

Nurse: All we know is some guy found you unconscious and we had to bring you in. Truth is I'm not even qualified for this job, but it's better me than that purple-haired psycho.

Mika: Purple haired who?

Nurse: Nevermind. 

Mika: Oh. So do I just stay here?

Nurse: Yeah, I guess so. Also, there's aliens attacking.

Mika gasps as lizard-like alien creatures break into the hospital and kill the Nurse, who still has the same bored expression on her face. Mika runs out of the hospital, not even taking time to question how she's able to move properly. She takes a second to look behind her and realizes she left a trail of fire in her steps, although the fire quickly goes out.

Mika: What the-

Mika is attacked by a large creature, then jumping out of the way. She tries to punch the monster, but instead a blast of fire forms in her hand and hits the beast, knocking it down.

Mika: Oh, I get it. I have fire powers now. THAT'S the only logical explanation. 

She continues to talk to herself while shooting fire blasts, fending off smaller creatures.

Mika: Heh, after all, Sketch and Ko have special powers, so why shouldn't I? 

As Mika gets surrounded by aliens, a green energy blast knocks one out.

Mika: Huh? Ko? 

The aliens continue to close in on Mika, but a cyborg figure jumps down from a building, and aims his arm cannon at the foes.

Data: G'day mate.

Cut to black.



(in order of appearance)

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