Somari Adventure 64 is a 3D platformer game starring Somari, a cross between Mario and Sonic. It was created by ElectricMayhem for the totally real and not made up Ninsego 64Cast in the late 90s.

Playable Characters

Story Mode

Somari Story

New Shroom City is under attack by Professor Koopnik, who unleashes his army of Robo-Troopas. Somari shows up and defeats Koopnik in a very brief confrontation. Koopnik escapes, as Somari is attacked by Robo-Troopas. Somari defeats the Troopas but is informed by Mayor Toadperson that Koopnik is out to steal the magical Chaos Stars. If Koopnik gets all of the Chaos Stars he will be able to activate their hidden power and conquer all of reality. Toadperson tells Somari that the first Chaos Star is on top of Mount Mountain. Somari sets out to get the Star before Koopnik does, only to run into his best great second step-cousin in law, Tailigi the Fox (don't ask, Somari's relatives are weird.) Tailigi tells Somari he was abducted by Robo-Troopas, and barely escaped with his life. Tailigi and Somari head to the top of Mount Mountain and confront Koopnik's super-strong henchman, Tuffguy the Tough Guy. They defeat him, and get the first Chaos Star.

Tailigi Story

Tailigi's story is unlocked after getting the first Chaos Star in Somari's story.



  • Tuffguy the Tough Guy - A very weak guy who is not in fact tough at all. He works for Koopnik and is fought on top of Mount Mountain.

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