Soldier Blooper
Soldier Blooper shooting a small Bullet Bill from his machine gun.
Full Name Soldier Blooper
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Class Villain
Camo Bloopers
Main Weapon(s) Machine gun
Vulnerable To Bullet Bills
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Omega
BLOOP! BLOOP (Get out of my territory! I have an army!)
Soldier Blooper, Paper Mario: Pen Power

Soldier Blooper is an enemy to Mario who holds an Uzi-like cannon that shoots Soldier Bills. He has a camouflage pattern and leads an army of Camo Bloopers. He is interested in machine guns and armies. In the RPGs, he has almost unbeatable HP with his bandana; however, he is but a joke after it is destroyed.

Game Appearances


This army Blooper debuted in New Super Mario Bros. Omega as the Boss of Shortcut World A, Drift Beach. It shoots several green Bullet Bills to Mario. These Bullet Bills could be sent back with a Spin Jump, so Soldier Blooper becomes dizzy. To hit him, Mario must stomp him when Soldier Blooper is dizzy. When stomped, Soldier Blooper is not dizzy anymore and ready for attack. Soldier Blooper must be hit three times to be defeated. When defeated, Mario skips to World 6, Crumble Canyon.

Paper Mario: Pen Power

Paper Mario: Pen Power Enemy
Soldier Blooper
Max HP 38
Attack 4
Defense 30 (with Bandana)

2 (without Bandana)

Location(s) Acorn Cove
Items Invisibility Badge
Moves Bullet Launch


Soldier Blooper reappears in Paper Mario: Pen Power, which is his first appearance in a Super Mario RPG. He is the secret boss of Acorn Cove as an optional objective. In order to reach the ship her live in, Mario must first have Yoshoo so he can float up the air current to the entrance. After engaging in battle, Soldier Blooper will summon 3 Camo Bloopers to fight with him. The bullets from their guns must be successfully blocked to knock them back at Soldier Blooper, removing his headband. Afterwards, his high defense is lowered.

After defeating him (his minions will automatically be killed when he dies), he will shrivel up and die, leaving behind an Invisibility Badge. The water level of the surrounding area will also lower, allowing the player to enter the bottom of the ship and retrieve a Luma and a Invisibility P Badge. Lowering the water level is crucial to the Chuck Quizzmo side quest. The final reward for defeating him is that the spawn rate of Camo Bloopers will be severely lowered.


Soldier Blooper is known for saying things quickly without thinking of the consequences. Many of his soldier minions have quit because of him offending them. Despite loving war, he rarely puts his life on the line, instead opting to say in small areas with large guns and minions to protect himself. He also never thinks of the consequences of any of his actions, not just what he says; becuase he decided to lodge himself inside a large ship, he ended up drowning many squad members, and lowering the water level of Acorn Cove.

Whenever he is defeated, he always declares vengance upon the person who defeated him, despite how likely it is to happen. His minions sometimes say that their paycheck is "on the low side", showing his cheap instincts. Despite having a bad personality, he is said to be a good leader and almost never loses a war.


  • Soldier Blooper was first a white Blooper with a camouflage-patterned bandanna on his head, instead of a red one.