The Solar D (Solar Doink) Is a portable console created by Waddle Doink. It Measures 16cm by 4 cm. 
Solor D

The device with helpful arrows pointing at stuff


The Solar D resembles to the gameboy advance, with many differences. the front has solor panels, being covered by plastic. the sides are rubber aside from a couple slots. The top has a slot that fits discs, and the front has arrow keys, a power buttin, a screen and 3 buttons. 


This game systom is different than others because of the fact that it runs on solor energy. it can be charged while playing or you can take out the (renewable) battery and charge that instead. The game systom does, however come with an adaptor. the D represents Doink for Waddle Doink.

Storage and Screen

This gam systom only plays in 32 bit, though  approximately 40 bit. many, though not all, games are modified into 32 bit, while other new games special for the systom are in 40 bit. the game systom does however have a fine amount of storage meaning Most games in the Waddle Doink series can be played.

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