Sol System
Artwork of the Sol System as of Star Pilot's ending.
Greater Location Milky Way galaxy
Current Capital Star Base (Empire of the Alphas), Terra III (Resistance Force)
First Appearance Star Pilot
Latest Appearance Paradox: Redemption
Current Ruler Undecided (currently in a state of war)
Current Inhabitant(s)
Location Type Solar system
Included Environment(s)
Chaotic asteroid ring, "uninhabitable" nebula cloud.
Star Base, Terra III, the Great Bloom
The Sol System (also called the Terran System, or the Solar System) is the primary home of the Human race. It was annihilated at the end of Star Pilot and is currently the site of the civil war between the Empire of the Alphas and the Resistance Force.


United Earth Federation (2020 - 2345)

In 2020, Humanity found some way to settle their differences and united under the banner of the United Earth Federation, this union lasted a record-setting 325 years and led to the greatest scientific discoveries that man had ever known. These discoveries include:

  • Plasma-based weapons
  • Inpenetrable force fields
  • An antideuterium-based fuel source perfect for spaceflight
  • The Negative-Space Jumpdrive

In 2345, the Federation was disbanded in the aftermath of the destruction of Sol (the star that the system orbited around), Mercury, Venus, and Earth by the Carmelli. (Star Pilot)

Empire of the Alphas/Great Civil War (2346 - )

After the Federation disbanded, the upper class of the surviving humans formed together to form the Empire of the Alphas, and began to cruelly force the lower class to do all of the work, including building a base out of remaining components from the Carmelli invasion force. The leaders of the Empire began living in this base, which was named the Star Base. The lower class, on the other hand, were left stranded on the still-inhabitable piece of Earth that had been named Terra III in honor of the fallen world.

It wasn't very long, however, that members of the lower class began to feel discontent, and using leftover pieces from the Star Base they constructed their own base on Terra III from which to fight the Empire. Rallying under the name Resistance Force, they began intercepting arms shipments from allies the Empire had made outside the system, and stockpiling them in their base. Shortly thereafter, the Empire declared war on the Resistance, and a war began that would rage for many years. (Paradox)

Becoming bolder by the minute and with a captured Empire official to aid them, the Resistance Force began to attack several key Empire strongholds, including the Star Base. (Paradox: Redemption)


Star Base

The Star Base is the home base of the Empire of the Alphas. It was constructed in mid-2346 by the lower class of the Human survivors after the destruction of Earth.

In late-2347, a particularly large arms shipment that was supposed to arrive at the base was intercepted by Resistance Force troops before it could arrive, this, along with several other small raids, led to war being declared between the Empire and the Resistance. (Paradox)

Terra III

Named after Earth (the third planet of the Terran System), Terra III is a large asteroid that managed to capture some of Earth's atmosphere after the former's destruction. A large base was built here by the Resistance Force as their headquarters.

In late-2347, Resistance Force troops launched out from Terra Base and hijacked a large arms shipment that was supposed to arrive at the Star Base, delivering it to a secret bunker located somewhere below the surface of Terra III. This, along with several other small raids, led to war being declared between the Empire and the Resistance. (Paradox)

In exchange for being pulled out of prison on Terra III, Micheal Conrad helped a group of rebels take out Imperial strongholds. (Paradox: Redemption)

Great Bloom

The Great Bloom nebula is a supernova remnant created by the destruction of Sol. Most people believe it to be uninhabitable, and thus it is largely avoided. Not much else is known about it.

In-game Appearences

  • Star Pilot - Primary location, destroyed at the end.
  • Paradox - Primary location, is in ruins after the events of Star Pilot.
  • Paradox: Redemption - Primary location, is the battleground of a war between the Empire of the Alphas and the Resistance Force.

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