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Sohnix new logo 2
The official logo of the company
Type of Company Entertainment
Founded at/in May 7, 2017
Headquarters Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Abu Dhabi, UAE
Owner(s) Tigzon
Subsidiaries Sohnix Entertainment USA
Sohnix Entertainment Europe
Sohnix Entertianment Japan

Sohnix is a multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with multiple offices. Sohnix is well known for creating and developing its series of original games, such as Tigzon, Toonstalkers, and Rhythm Puzzle Cubuki as well as reviving some older game franchises, such as Aero the Acro-Bat. 

Tigzon the TigerStar from the video game series of the same name is the company's official mascot.


Users employed in SOHNIX are allowed to edit pages, create new pages produced by SOHNIX, and use any artwork, ideas, characters, etc created by the company in their own works without restriction. However, any users not employed MUST ask permission before doing any of these actions, grammatical error corrections none-withstanding.

  • Tigzon (tbc) (Founder, CEO, Concept Artist)




  • N/A

In Development

Image Name Release Date(s) Platform(s)
Tigzon July 14, 2019 Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, The V2, PC
Toonstalkers Holiday 2021 Arcade, The V2, Pacifco, Glassbox, PC
Rhythm Puzzle Cubuki Summer 2022 Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, The V2, PC

Upcoming Projects

Image Name Release Date(s) Platform(s)
Future Grinders TBA Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC
Aero the Acro-Bat (Reboot) TBA Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, The V2, PC
Jet Set Remix TBA  Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, The V2, PC
WarioLand: World Tour TBA Nintendo Switch
Untitled Fantendo Crossover Project TBA Nintendo Switch, The V2, Nintendo  3DS
Untitled Pokemon Action-RPG project TBA Nintendo Switch
Untitled Original Action-RPG project TBA Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, The V2, PC

Original Franchises


Main article: Sohnix/Characters

Event Participation




  • The name "Sohnix" came from both words, "Sonic" and "Mix". Although the name is not related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series name, and its creator, Sega.

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