Sofia Harker
Full Name Sofia Harker
Current Age 25 (Pyramid Panic), 28 (Temple Tandrum)
Date of Birth Friday October 13th, 1988
Gender Female
Current Status Possibly dead
Class Assassin
Illia Bedric
Main Weapon(s) Sword
Ability/ies Extreme agility
First Appearance Pyramid Panic
Sofia Harker is a character from the Pyramid Panic series of games. She is a semi-antoganist, trying to thwart Walker Crawhawk at every turn on his adventures. Although she at first appears to be nothing more then a rival, the second game reveals that she was actually hired by Illia Bedic to kill Walker.


Sofia is a 6 foot tall, 25 year old woman with silky blonde hair. He nose is crooked and long, and her mouth always has lipstick. Her ears are usally tucked behind her long hair. She almost always wears a hat like Walker and bright orange clothes.


Sofia Harker is extremely brave, and will go to any length to complete her mission. Despite many traps, she expertly follows Walker through every puzzle in Plaza Pyramid. Despite her eagerness, she is also very mean and vicious, and doesn't have a bit of regret when she attempts to kill her target.


On October 13th, 1987, Sofia Harker was born in a small hospital in Kansas, America. After a vicious tornado ravaged her house and killed her mother, she and her father where forced to move to Kansas City, Missouri. There, she met a young student named Howard Jones. They began to date, but due to her mothers death she was unable to go to collage with him. She was distraught afterwards, a moved into a house by herself. Because of her dipression, she was treading through a getto when she met a witch named Illia Bedic. The witch offered her five wishes in exchange of one life: the one of Walker Crawhalk.

Sofia, who decided that the wishes would set her life good again, tracked down Walker and tried to kill him. However, he evaded her unknowingly, and took a transport to Egypt. Once there, she tracked him into a pyramid, and once again tried to assassinate him. Despite this, he always avoided her attempts, and eventually escaped the temple with Sofia still on his tail. She tracked him down again into a large set of temples, where she had already set large traps for Walker. Finally, as he finally is fooled by a trap, she reveals her plan to Walker and removes a pistol from her sleeve.

However, before she can kill him, Walkers old friend and partners, Jules Verstien, appears and pushes her into her own trap, possibly killing her. Walker and Jules run off and the temple starts to collapse, and Sofia mutters something unaudible as a large rock falls ontop of her.

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