A game about soap.
Developer(s) Neentendo
Publisher(s) Naantendo
Platform(s) Sink, Sink U.
Release Date(s)
Japan: March 4th, 199X, Internationally: March 4th, 20XX.
Ceremonial, Single player, Ritual, Eldritch Blood Sacrifice, Party.
Age Rating(s)
Galaxian Thunder Horses and up.
Genre(s) Simulation/ Religious Indoctrination
Series Soap n' friends.
Predecessor Slip, Slide, and Soap.
Successor The Soap, The Soap, And the Soap.
Storage Needed 1GB
Cost $5.99

Soap is a simulation game created by the A.I start up: Neentendo and published by major game corporation Naantendo. It is the second game in the Soap n' Friends series and was launched for both the Sink and Sink U. It was initially released in Japan on March 4th 199X, and later to the Americas, Europe and the rest of the world on March 4th 20XX. It focuses on the daily exploits of the player character as they assume the role of a bar of soap named "Soap". Throughout the game, the player is forced to react to and initiate various mentally, and emotion scarring events to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming one with the soap.



Soap's core objective remain similar to that of Slip, Slide, and Soap. The player must, in each level, get used by the NPC's in the house until they are either thrown out or reduced to such a small sliver that they are no longer useable. Along the mind-numbing, meditative journey the PC may encounter various rhythm or quick time mini-games, and occasional "Boss Fights". Once the bar of soap has completely run out, an aptitude test is run on the player, if they have reached 100% Soap-y-ness then the game shuts off, else the game boots up from the title screen and they are forced to play again.

Gameplay - Powers.

As in the previous title the player has a few special abilities, These special abilities are activated by certain player actions and take Soap-Points (SP) to use. SP is gained naturally at the rate of 1 SP per minute, or through the complition of mini games and boss fights,

The players signature move: "Darke Prayer" returns from the debut Soap game, in all of its D E M O N I C glory. This move allows the player to call upon the forces of the great ancestors and shave off 1/8th of their total mass. It is activated by a rapid shaking of the user's head, and foaming at the mouth, It takes 15 of the users SP.

The players second ability is another Slip, Slide, and Soap classic, it is the fan favorite "Sugoi Soap"! This move allows the player to transform into one of 17 shaped soaps. Mechanically it speeds up soap use by 20%, and on rare occasions can summon the soap collector who instantly ends the game. This move is power is activated by eating an entire bar of soap, out of game, and takes 20 SP.