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So, Black Holes Coming, let's get outta here!

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So Black Holes Coming, Let's get outta here!

Written by Thektdude

So, in about a week the world is going to get sucked by a black hole, causing the world to end. Everyones freaking out, trying to protect themselves in bunkers, even trying to leave the planet, but twelve People get a chance to leave the Planet and go to another universe to another planet and start a new life there.

Chapter 1: Yep, It's Happening.

It took a moment for TNK to realize what he was seeing on his TV. When he realized, he sat there; disappointed. The world was ending in about 7 days. He tried to think of what he could do, steal a car, make a bunker, leave the planet. Instead, he went to his computer and went on the Fantendo chatroom. There was only three people on the chat. "You heard the news then?" Ktdude asked. "Yep, well shit." TNK Replied. "I don't know what to do really to be honest, what do you think Kingler?" "Make a bunker?" Kingler replied. "Don't think that will work, since were going to get sucked in by a black hole, not hit by a meteor." TNK told Kingler. "Oh, that sucks." He replied back. TNK sat there, there was nothing to do. The black hole was bigger than the sun, so there was no chance that the sun was going to protect the other planets this time. "I think I have an idea." Eve said. TNK typed into the chat, "Ok, whats your idea then?" "Well, theres a project I have been working on at school, and it has to do something with spaceships and rockets and such." Eve said. TNK sat there, he knew where this was going. Eve continued, "Its in my backyard, it has space for a few people, and I haven't tested it yet." "So, you have something that can get us out of here?" Ktdude asked. "You can say that, yes." Eve replied. "Oh.... my... god..." TNK said to himself, then typed, "Eve, I wanna live, don't you also want to live!?" "I think everyone wants to live, but I'll go see if it works, brb." Eve said, Then she didn't type for a bit, until she came back with good news. "I think we have a chance to leave this planet and go somewhere." She said. TNK started to smile.

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