The Snowpoint Temple is an ancient Pokémon temple, that is located in Snowpoint City. It is where numerous rare Pokémon, like Sneasel or Steelix can be found. It is also where the legendary Pokemon, Regigigas, can be found, however, one must have captured Regirock, Regice and Registeel in order to see Regigigas. The temple is sacred, and only the chosen people (those who beat the Elite Four) can enter.

Snowpoint Temple

Snowpoint Temple TCG

Super Smash Bros. Adventure

Snowpoint Temple will appear as a stage in the Classic Mode of Super Smash Bros. Adventure. However, not much is known about the stage, all that is known is that the stage, because it is set on Ice, will be very slippery, causing players to slide when they stop from running.

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