Snowless as in Teardrop 2: JttS.
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species / Type Glacie
Vulnerable to Water Whip
Main Ability/ies Ice, chain hands.

Snowless is a recurring boss in the Teardrop series. He is a Glacie racer, who challenges Teardrop to a race and then fights him. He is known for his extending arms and ice abilities. However, he isn't very powerful, being of an introduction boss in the second game.

Boss Pattern

At the start of the battle, Snowless challenges the player to a race. After completing it and winning, he rages and his fight starts. He aims at Tear, extends his arms and tries to punch him two times. Then, he changes into a snow ball and moves around the stage, trying to attack Teardrop. If he doesn't success, he gets stunned and crashes into a tree. Teardrop, then, has to attack him.

He will, then, jump and look at Tear from the top of the tree. He will shoot snow balls at him, and then change into a snow ball another time. He will again crash into a tree, and Teardrop will have to attack him. Repeat the battle pattern two times, until he is defeated.

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