Snowella Reid
Full Name Snowella Reid
Current Age 18 (appearance), 18,000 (actual age)
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Species Goddess
Location Heaven
Current Status Alive
Class Goddess of Ice
Family and Relations
Eliza Thomas (rival), Amazonia and Oceania Reid (sisters)
Main Weapon(s) Ice Scythe
Ability/ies Able to create snow and ice easily, telepathy
Nationality None
Ethnicity Caucasian

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Snowella is a goddess from heaven. She has the power to freeze nearly anything.


Snowella has light blonde hair, a white jacket, black gloves, black pants and white boots. Her eyes are cyan.


Snowella's years have been harsh on her. She has the duty of protecting Earth's ice and making sure it doesn't melt away. Even though she has that burden, she found life on the small blue planet to be fun. She has a huge rivalry with a devil summoned up from Hell, however, and she and her sisters have "heaven and hell colliding" incidents that cause near destruction incidents.


Snowella is extremely relaxed. No matter what, she will always be cool, calm and collected, even in a world-threatening crisis.


  • Snowella has a snowflake pattern in her left eye.