This game is made by SuperGamerPlayer. You are free to make spelling and grammar edits but please don't make huge edits without my permission. If you have any questions, feel free to put in the comments.

Snow Princess is a side-scroller, 2D Platformer for the 3DS.

Playable Characters:                                                                                                                 
Picture 113

The Snow Princess                                                                             


The Snow King

The Snow Queen



Phyron the Sun God                                                             
Picture 111



In the kingdom of snow, the Snow Princess lived happily with her father, the snow king and her mother the snow queen. They kept the Sun Stone hidden in their ice palace to stop it from melting the kingdom of snow. In the kingdom of fire, Phyron the Sun God was jealous of the kingdom of snow, so he stole the sun stone and kidnapped the snow king and the snow queen. It was up to the snow princess to save the day and save the sun stone along with her parents.

Picture 110
Picture 114
Picture 112

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