Pokey Snow SM3DW

Snow Pokey is a kind of Pokey that lives in the colder regions of the Mushroom Kingdom. They have carrot noses and wear buckets on their heads, making them more fashionable than the garden-variety Pokey. While a regular Pokey has a cactus-like body, Snow Pokeys seem to be made out of snow or a similar material. Perhaps it's that red bucket on their heads that gives them sentience...

Pokey's Island

Snow Pokey has a major role in Pokey's Island, being one of the friendly characters who helps the titular Pokey traverse thoughout the game's levels. When a Snow Pokey is found, the player can use the materials they've collected along the way to customize it, just like the main Pokey. Snow Pokey will follow Pokey around, attack enemies, and discover secrets for him. The only level in which they prominently appear is World 7-4: Snow Pokey's Cabin, although they can be found in secret areas during some levels.


  • They're pretty chill.

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