Snow Man
Snow Man
"Hey, chill out, guy!"
Full Name Snow Man
Gender Male-Programming
Current Status Destroyed
First Appearance Mega Man K1
Latest Appearance Mega Man K1
Dr. Kojiro's seventh robot master Snow Man was based on the theme of winter. As his name suggests, he is built to resemble a snowman. He is a cool-headed gentlemanly machine, yet follows Dr. Kojiro's orders to a tee, as he has been programmed for loyalty.

He is notable for having a wide variation in his attacks, from the usage of his cane, releasing an icy "breath barrier" and a tank-like vehicle, as well as his trademark weapon attack.

Behind the scenes

His forearms are built to look like ice bricks (like those used in igloo formation), his two torso gems are put vertically so that they look like buttons, he has several vents in his body to release heat, leading to "cold steam" to emerge from them (these are in the shoulders, the pelvis, the mouth and the feet). His feet are built to resemble bunny boots, with the little thruster jets based off of the air intake valve on bunny boots, although they release jets of (whatever) as opposed to taking it in. The top hat and the candy cane are a cross between Christmas and myself in my old gothic gear, which included a top hat and would have included a cane had I been able to afford it (instead it included an awesome umbrella).

In other news, the front part of his pelvis armor cuts down to his "jumpsuit". I thought that was a minor unique feature, though I still haven't gotten too much into the Mega Man fan community, so who knows if others have done that, too. Though he somewhat resembles Magic Man in some ways, it's unintentional.

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