Snow is a Kirby raised by the Chozo, and one of the two people to have a Power Suit (the other being Samus Aran). She is the younger sister of Carbon, and a playable character in Kirby Dimension Gate.


Snow has mostly all of the abilities that Carbon has, however she is slightly slower and heavier because of her Power Suit, and is also stronger. She is also capable of shooting enemies instead of throwing daggers at them.


When Carbon was a thief, Snow began to feel like he didn't care for her and as such she left to explore the world. Eventually, she found and entered the Dimension Gate, however she was attacked by Corrucciare. The Dimension Gate then teleported her to Zebes where she was found and cared for by the Chozo. Eventually, they gave her a Power Suit and she became strong enough to go back and get revenge on Corrucciare. She went back to the Dimension Gate to try and find Corrucciare just before the events of the game begin.

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