Snotcore is the second album of the punk rock band Breather. A very different album than their debut, Snotcore focuses more on a return to punk rock of old, dealing with rebellion and teenage years. It's around 30 minutes long.


The album features 10 songs and 3 singles.

  • 13: A punk song about the beginning of one's teenage years and a bigger view of the world. This is a single.
  • No Contest: An loud fast song that mainly focuses on drums and guitar. It seems to be about a wannabe punk rocker who can't get a break. This is a single.
  • Settle It: A dueling song that features two halves, loud and electric, somber and acoustic. Both are about rebellion, but look at rebellion differently.
  • Electric Resolve: A long song that goes from happy to angry and introduces more instruments. It's about a good son who starts to rebel against his parents.
  • Shut the Fuck Up: A short song that consists of little more than emo nonsense with a chorus of "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!". Mainly focuses on electric guitar and drums.
  • Grumpy: A quiet song with a loud emotional chorus about hormones and losing sleep, and losing something because of it.
  • No Rest for the Hated: An "I Hate You" song from the perspective of the hated. The beginning is loud and angry, but whips into the mind of hated with a somber quiet song.
  • Perfect: A song about an older brother who is praised over the younger brother, a young teenager. The younger brother deals with conflicting emotions and being less than the best.
  • TBA
  • 18: A bittersweet acoustic song about becoming an adult and learning responsibility. This is a single.


The cover has a bunch of clear single celled organisms clutching together. Inside these are bolded angular letters that spell out Snotcore and Breather.



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