Snivy and The Titan's Curse.
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
January 5, 2015
Genre(s) Sandbox, Action Adventure
Series The Snivy Series
Predecessor N/A
Successor unnamed sequel
Even the greatest heroes come in the smallest sizes
The quote said in all trailers of this game

Snivy and The Titan's Curse is a game for the Wii U.


Chapter 1:The Return of The Dark God

Snivy wakes up in her home after having a nightmare of a dark figure eating her friends. She walks out, her home being at the peak of Obsidian Mountain's peak. She then finds Oshawott coming out of his house in tattered clothes. She then sees Shadow Lugia rise from the ground and use Shadow Storm to destroy the sword protecting the city from evil forces. Machamp is then summoned by Shadow Lugia to make sure the city is under control from his army. Snivy then stands up against Machamp and wins through smarts and strategies. Snivy then has Oshawott join her group to help her. Snivy then goes to stop some tanks from invading the town.

Chapter 2:The Invasion

Snivy begins destroying the tanks going towards the town. Oshawott then stabs a Skorupi in the face. Snivy and Oshawott then have to fight Krookodile. Krookodile then leaves by being dragged away. Snivy then saves the village and is awarded with a medal. The village master Uxie tells Snivy and Oshawott to go to White City to make sure Shadow Lugia is stopped. Snivy is given a partner to go with, Tepig. The three begin their journey to White City.

Chapter 3:Mourning For The losses

Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott walk down Obsidian Mountain and find Cubone and Marowak being attacked by Houndoom. Houndoom kills Marowak and throws her body in a hole and then goes after Cubone. Oshawott stands up for Cubone and fights Houndoom. Houndoom then drags himself off and finds a mega stone. Oshawott then is chased by a pack of Houndour. Cubone then saves Oshawott and teams up with him. It then cuts to a campfire where Cubone says he can feel his mother, still insistent on her.

Playable Characters

Starting Characters

Image Name non-move powers Moves Description
495Snivy 2 Snivy She is able to have gigantic trees rise from the ground to stand on

Leech Seed

Vine Whip

Grass Pledge

Leaf Blade

Snivy is the main hero of the game. She offers others offerings and studies her enemies with silence.
501Oshawott 2 Oshawott Can throw his schalop as a boomerang

Razor Shell

Water Pledge

Water Gun


Oshawott is a poor kid from Obsidian Mountain's peak. He joins oshawott in order to pay for his family's money.
498Tepig 2 Tepig Able to melt ice with his breath Flare Blitz

Fire Pledge



Tepig is the young assistant of the village master, Uxie. He wishes to become the new village master through permission of Uxie herself.
200px-Cubone Cubone Able to jab at switches from far away with his bone club Bonemerang

Double Edge

Bone Rush


Cubone is an orphan who lives in Graveyard Road. His mother was killed by Houndoom and he wishes to avenge her.
Meditite Meditite Can use his psychic powers to levitate boxes as platforms which he can then use as weapons


Shadow Ball

Brick Break

Low Sweep

Meditite is a meditator that lives on Light Alley after being abandoned by Medicham. He wishes to reunite with his father and possibly turn him good.
447Riolu Riolu Able to create his own barriers and read the minds of enemies for guidance Aura Sphere

Force Palm


Quick Attack

A young fighter trained in the powers of the aura. He lives in the Fighting Dojo along with Lucario.
Magbynopaste Magby She is able to spit fire at torches, lighting them and allowing light to spread Ember

Flame Burst

Confuse Ray

Fire Blast

Magby is the daughter of Magmortar. She wants to explore the world selling hot and spicy food.
Ukulele pichu Pichu Able to play a song with his ukulele, causing enemies to fall asleep Thunder Shock


Thunder Shock

Sweet Kiss

Pichu is the son of Pikachu. Unlike his father, he wants to make music and not riches.
613Cubchoo Cubchoo Can freeze moving spiked balls, freezing them and allowing her to get to higher platforms Icy Wind



Fury Swipes

Cubchoo was trapped in Magma Mountain until Snivy saved her. She has formed a bond with Snivy and her friends, going high steps to protect them.
Meowth2 Meowth Gets twice as much money than others by beating enemies with his amulet coin.

Fury Swipes



Night Slash

Meowth is a merchant in White City. He will join your group and is necessary to continue for money.
215Sneasel Sneasel Can extend her claws to cut ropes

Icy Wind

Beat Up


Ice Shard

Sneasel used to work in Shadow Lugia's army as a soldier until she saw Meowth. The two now fight together as a group.
443Gible Gible Can burrow holes with his teeth, allowing paths to be made Bite

Draco Meteor

Dragon Rush

Sand Tomb

Gible lives in Draconia and is the son of Garchomp. Unlike other Gibles, he is a coward and does not have a cut in his fin.
280Ralts Ralts he can teleport to higher ledges to get to other places. Magical Leaf



Stored Power

Ralts is a scared villager in White City. He used to be shy until he stood up and defeated Hydreigon.
374Beldum Beldum He can cause doors with singular eyes on them to open. Take Down

Zen Headbutt

Iron Head


Beldum is Metagross' son. He joined Snivy's team to help his father.
714Noibat Noibat Can launch ultrasonic waves, opening doors and causing stalagmites to fall Gust

Leech Life

Wing Attack

Solar Beam

Noibat lives in Shadowbark Cave. When Snivy tried to get in, both Snivy and him got blown out by Yveltal's dark forces.
Zorua -3 Zorua She can change into any enemy she has attacked


Foul Play


Fury Swipes

Zorua is a thief that lurks near Obsidian Mountain's peak. She is needed in order to break into the Blast Frigate.
704Goomy Goomy Can leave trails of slime, causing enemies to trip and fall while also making it possible to reach higher ledges


Dragon Breath

Muddy Water

Dragon Pulse

Goomy lives in Draconia and his father supplies Draconia supplies the place with Goo Worms. He joins Snivy in order to keep his buisness running.
650Chespin Chespin Can pierce his thorns on his head into large rocks, breaking them.

Vine Whip

Wood Hammer

Pin Missile


Chespin is the cousin of Oshawott and lives in Chestnut Ranch. He was a part of an army caled "Nature's Wrath" that wants to destroy White City.
081MagnemiteDreamWorld Magnemite Can cause walls with painted magnets on them to move Supersonic

Electro Ball

Gyro Ball

Zap Cannon

Magnemite was a part of New Order of Mewtwo until he was hacked by Beldum into working with Snivy. He somewhat still works for the New Order of Mewtwo.
386Deoxys Deoxys

Speed form-able to destroy walls that have icons with two arrows pointing sideways on them

defense form-able to destroy walls that have shields on them

attack form-able to destroy large walls

Zen Headbutt

Mirror Coat


Knock Off

Deoxys is an alien captured by Mewtwo. He joined Snivy in order to get revenge on Mewtwo. He is at snivy's power levels after being tested on, though


Shadow Lugia's Army

Image Name Description
Shadowlugia Shadow Lugia Shadow Lugia is the dark conqueror of snivy's land. He plans on destroying all life except for his army on it to make his own army of the undead and conquer other lands.
Aegislash shiny Aegislash Aegislash is Shadow Lugia's second in command. He makes sure nobody in Shadow Lugia's army goes out of control or else he "eliminates" them.
717Yveltal Yveltal Yveltal is the one who corrupted Shadow Lugia and acts as his mentor. He hides in Shadowbark Cave where only the strongest of heroes can find him.
229Mega Houndoom Houndoom Houndoom is Shadow Lugia's army's commander and always seen mega evolved. When he sees something he hates, he will not stop until it is destroyed.
068Machamp Machamp Machamp is Shadow Lugia's army's rallier and patrols the streets of Obsidian Mountain's peak. He always wins until he is defeated by snivy.
319Mega Sharpedo Sharpedo Sharpedo is the commander of Shadow Lugia's fleet. He is permanentley mega evolved due to encountering sharpedoite in a cave called "The Cave of Power". He is also always seen on the Blast Frigate.
308Medicham Medicham Medicham is the attack strategizer in Shadow Lugia's army. He always comes first in his plans.
553Krookodile Krookodile Krookodile is the thief in Shadow Lugia's elite team. He always steals from people that loose to him.
452Drapion Drapion Drapion is the poisoner in Shadow Lugia's Elite Team. He always poisons anything before they fight him to have an advantage.
Meowsticfemale Meowstic Meowstic is a part of Shadow Lugia's elite team. She uses her cute demeanor to trick foes into letting their guard down, and then takes down her foes.
589Escavalier Escavalier Escavalier is the knight among Shadow Lugia's Elite Team. He always carries his sense of chivalry, even when battling.
635Hydreigon Hydreigon Hydreigon is the leader and dragon of Shadow Lugia's elite team. He plans on destroying draconia in dark fire.
Giratina Dream Giratina Giratina is Shadow Lugia's secret weapon that is bigger than the walls protecting White City. He has been brainwashed entirely into working for Shadow Lugia.

Nature's Wrath

Image Name Description
Virizion Dream Virizion Virizion is the leader of Nature's Wrath. She plans on invading White City with her forces and destroying it.
Darkrai Dream Darkrai Darkrai is Virizion's second in command. He mostly gives everyone who goes against them permanent nightmares.
306Aggron Aggron Aggron is the commander of the Mining Squadron of Nature's Wrath. He makes those mines to both provide cities for arons and destroy towns above.
383Primal Groudon Primal Groudon Primal Groudon is the dark guardian of Magma Mountain. He will destroy anything in his path, and by that he means ANYTHING. This includes wildlife, making him a bit untrustworthy to Virizion.
382Primal Kyogre Primal Kyogre Primal Kyogre is the ancient dweller of the Dark Trench. He will flood or drown anything that comes in his way.
003Mega Venusaur Venusaur Venusaur is the evil father of Snivy. He is permanently mega evolved through exploring The Cave of Destiny.

New Order of Mewtwo

Image Name Description
150Mewtwo Dream Mewtwo Mewtwo is the leader of The New Order of Mewtwo. He plans on cloning everyone except for the people in his army then destroying the originals.
Shinygenesect Genesect Genesect is the second in command to Mewtwo. He never blinks, and is a cold sniper.
623Golurk Golurk Golurk is the former guardian of White City. After being replaced by Regigigas, he swore venegance and joined Mewtwo.
479Rotom Rotom Rotom is used by Mewtwo to take out all the electricity from White City. He controls everything in Mewtwo's base.
089Muk Muk Muk is the guard who in White City's sewers who makes sure nobody gets into Mewtwo's lair. He is a living pile of dirty water and mucus.
354Banette Banette Banette is the abondoned toy of Pichu brought to life by Mewtwo. He seeks revenge on Pichu, going so far as to try to kill him.
Claydolartwork Claydol Claydol is an ancient relic brought to life by Mewtwo. He is able to use an ancient craft to travel through time. He can also see everything, making him a hard opponent to beat.
474Porygon-Z Porygon-Z Porygon-Z is Mewtwo's way to hack all electronics. He uses robots to fight for him instead of fighting fairly.


Image Name Description
486Regigigas Regigigas Regigigas is the guardian of White City. He protects it from Shadow Lugia's army. He sees his job as a sense of justice.
Hawlucha shiny Hawlucha Hawlucha is the retired founder of the Wrestling Wring. He does however send others to fight in so they can experience the pleasure of winning.
PikachuAnime Pikachu Pikachu is a corrupt millionare who will barely do anything for you unless you pay him. He controls all of White City, including the security and regigigas himself.
ShinyMegaMetagross Metagross Metagross is a renegade of Shadow Lugia's army. He is  permanently mega evolved due to touching metagrossite in a cave called "The Cave of Destiny". He controls what goes in and out of delivery.
497Serperior Serperior Serperior is the mother of Snivy and was forced to leave Snivy and Snivy's bretheren when they had all hatched. When they had been reunited, Serperior is now overprotective of her young.
654Braixen Braixen Braixen is a witch who was banned from ever seeing major cities, even though she is very nice for a witch. She is always seen at Glass Mountain, where she sells potions.
342px-Lucario SSB4 Artwork Lucario Lucario is the older brother of Riolu and the one who teaches Snivy and her friends the art of fighting. He is never going to let anybody hurt his brother if they are together.
503Samurott Samurott Samurott is the father of oshawott and the master samurai of Iceroot town. He left his bride to master the skills of swordsmanship and has mastered them. He will give oshawott and oshawott only improvements on his schalop.
500Emboar Emboar Emboar is the father of tepig. He protects obsiian mountain's peak when actually awake. He will increase the power of tepig and tepig's attacks only.
Uxie Dream Uxie Uxie is the village master of Obsidian Mountain's peak. She specifically gives quests for Snivy to do. If Snivy succeeds, she will reward her with prizes.
Marowak Dream Marowak Marowak is the dead mother of Cubone. She will enhance Cubone's abilities and will give Cubone the Thick Club. She is always seen in Graveyard Road, going down Obsidian Mountain.
Trapinch Dream Trapinch Trapinch serves as a mount on Rocky Desert. He will destroy spikes on the floor and take down enemies quickly.
445Garchomp Garchomp Garchomp is the father of Gible. He improves his son's speed and skills along with owning a mach speed flight school for others.
Greninja-ssb4 Greninja Greninja is a ninja who hides all over White City.Finding him will reward you with money and rare candies.
716Xerneas Xerneas Xerneas is the arch-enemy of Yveltal. He was killed by Aegislash and reverted into his tree form in Chestnut Ranch.
Zarizard Zaris Zaris is an alternately colored mega Charizard who is also an adventurer. He was made permanently mega evolved bybeing hit by a beam from a laser gun powered by mega stones. He allows the players(only in co-op mode) to mix attacks.
317Swalot Swalot Swalot is the local businessman of Draconia and runs the minigames. He sells gigantic ammounts of coins to winners of said game.
Beartic Dream Beartic Beartic is the father of Cubchoo and a movie star. He is in movies primarily about his life.


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