A list of enemies and bosses in Snivy and The Titan's Curse


picture Enemy Name where you find this enemy health attack defense Description Moves Faction
066Machop Machop

Chapter 1:Return of the Dark God

Chapter 10:The soldier of ice

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

5 1 1 These guys are the common soldiers of Machamp. They can be defeated easily just by waiting for them to be open after attacking Brick Break Shadow Lugia's Army
Machoke Machoke

Chapter 1:Return of The Dark God

Chapter 10:The Soldier of Ice

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

10 3 3 Machokes are the less common soldiers for Machamp. They can pack a punch when angered, but can go down fairly quickly when tricked.

Brick Break

Fire Punch

Shadow Lugia's Army
551Sandile Sandile

Chapter 2:The Invasion

Chapter 8:Into The Volcano

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

8 2 4 Sandiles are the many soldiers used by Krookodile. They all are easy to defeat with Snivy, Oshawott, Meditite and Riolu. Bite Shadow Lugia's Army
552Krokorok Krokorok

Chapter 2:The Invasion

Chapter 8:Into The Volcano

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

16 4 8 Krokoroks are harder to defeat versions of Sandiles. If not using Snivy, Oshawott, Meditite or riolu, stay away from them and their massive maws.


Stealth Rock

Shadow Lugia's Army
200px-Skorupi Skorupi

Chapter 2:The Invasion

Chapter 6:The Lava Cookies

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

10 3 2 Skorupis are the henchmen of Drapion. They always appear in multiple packs.

Bug Bite

Poison Fang

Shadow Lugia's Army
228Houndour Houndour

Chapter 3:Mourning For The Losses

Chapter 7:A Ukelele Serenade

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

11 4 2 Houndour are the right hand men of Houndoom. They all attack in packs and are very fast, so they make a hard opponent to defeat.

Fire Fang



Shadow Lugia's Army
Meditite Meditite Chapter 4:The Art Of Meditation

Chapter 10:The Soldier Of Ice

Chapter 28:The Lair Of Yveltal

10 2 5 Meditite are the minions of Medicham. They only appear when Meditite is not being used. They attack by throwing pillars at you.


Focus Punch

Shadow Lugia's Army


picture Boss Name where you find this boss health attack defense Description
068Machamp Machamp (Fight 1) Chapter 1:Return of the dark god 30 10 5 Machamp is the leader of his machokes. Wait for him to deliver every single punch he can then strike him in the back.
553Krookodile Krookodile (Fight 1) Chapter 2:The Invasion 40 15 7 Krookodile is the one who caused the invasion in the first place. Wait for him to dig into the ground to try to crunch you up, then plow tons of leaves down his mouth.
229Houndoom Houndoom (Fight 1) Chapter 3:Mourning for The Losses 35 20 6 Houndoom is the leader of his squadron. Wait for him to finish his combos and then attack him in the face.
308Medicham Medicham (Fight 1) Chapter 4:The Art of Meditation 40 15 3 Medicham is the leader of multiple meditites. He can be striked and defeated easily by hitting him in the back.
448Mega Lucario Psycho Mega Lucario Chapter 5:Riolu and Lucario 60 30 20 Psycho Mega Lucario is Lucario while losing control of his powers while mega evolved. You can defeat him by having the pillars he attacks crush him.
452Drapion Drapion (fight 1) Chapter 6:The Lava Cookies 40 10 15 Drapion is the leader of the skorupis. Since he poisons you before you battle, it makes him a hard opponent to defeat.
354Banette Banette (fight 1) Chapter 7:A Ukulele Serenade 50 20 10 Banette is the mysterious worker for a second army called The New Order Of Mewtwo. He attacks spastically in multiple directions at once.
383Primal Groudon Primal Groudon (fight 1) Chapter 8:Into the Volcano 100 50 30 Primal Groudon is a mysterious worker in the group Nature's Wrath. Defeat this gargantuan by neutralizing his ability then shoving water down his throat.
589Escavalier Escavalier (fight 1) Chapter 9:Mercant Called Meowth 50 10 25 Escavalier is the leader of multiple karablasts. He can be defeated quickly with tepig.

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