Snivy slithers into battle!
Snivy's reveal tagline.


(ツタージャ or Tsutarja in Japan)

The Grass Snake Pokémon slithers into the battle!
Symbol SSB Pokémon Series
Universe Pokémon
Official Debut Pokémon Black Version/Pokémon White Version (2011, DS)
Availability Unknown
Final Smash Leaf Storm
Home Stage Unknown
Tier Unknown

Snivy - also known as the Grass Snake Pokémon - is the Unova Grass type starter Pokémon who makes its debut as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Universal Struggle. Snivy was revealed on June 22, 2015 with a trailer called "Choose Your Starter", which can be seen here, along with the reveal of Spear Pillar returning as a stage. This Pokémon is a speedy character and has the third fastest running speed of anyone in-game. Like all other Pokémon in Smash, Snivy uses an assortment of moves that originate from the Pokémon series.


Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Solar Beam - Snivy takes in light from the sun (if on a dark stage, Snivy generates light) and then shoots it out as a beam of energy. Unlike other chargeable moves, this move must be charged before it can be used, making the process mandatory.
  • Side Special: Leech Seed - Snivy shoots out three seeds, which latch on to anyone that comes into contact with them. This will give all of Snivy's damage to them, and Snivy will heal back whatever the opponent's damage percentage is before Snivy uses the move. To prevent spamming, there can only be one seeded player at a time.(0%-999% damage depending on how much damage Snivy has taken before the move's first use in battle)
  • Up Special: Leaf Tornado - Snivy encloses itself in a tornado of leaves, and is able to jump along with moving left and right while using this move. The tornado pulls in items and players, but can be stopped with a strong attack. Projectiles thrown into the tornado are immediately reflected back, but stronger.
  • Down Special: Grass Knot - Snivy grabs an opponent's foot/tail and then slams them into the ground. Like in the main Pokémon games, the damage given depends on the opponent's weight.
  • Final Smash: Leaf Storm - Snivy gains a bunch of EXP and evolves into Serperior before unleashing Leaf Storm, which sends out a stage-wide barrage of sharp leaves that covers nearly all of the playing area. During this, items, projectiles, and players will be blown to the right hand side of the stage, and only a lucky few can survive the storm. Snivy also takes 15% recoil damage after the move ends.

  • Neutral Special: Razor Leaf -

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral attack: Snivy uses Cut twice and then finishes with Slam.
  • Dash attack: Snivy uses Double Team and Tackle combined.
  • Forward tilt: 
  • Up tilt: 
  • Down tilt:

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash:
  • Up smash:
  • Down smash:

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: 
  • Forward aerial: 
  • Backward aerial: 
  • Up aerial: Snivy uses Aerial Ace, which has only a small chance to miss. 
  • Down aerial: 

Grabs, Throws, and Pummel

  • Grab: Snivy uses Wrap to grab the opponent using vines.
  • Pummel: Snivy uses Wring Out to clench the opponent tighter and tighter. (3% damage per hit)
  • Forward throw: Snivy throws the opponent forward using Vine Whip.
  • Backward throw:
  • Up throw:
  • Down throw: