Snively, the nature-loving man.
(As in Fantendo ObstaCourse)
Full Name Snively Seth Servious
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Location Forest Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Nature powers
Ability/ies Able to control nature, using light to protect himself
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Snively (Game)

Snively is the main character of the Snively series. He's a young man with unnatural power to control nature and protect himself with a shield of light. He haves a girlfriend, who is named Lily.




Snively is a courageous man which likes to help anyone, no matter if they really need it or not. He is rather calm man who likes peace, but when something is happening to his village in forest, he will defend it with honour. He thinks that his powers could be given to someone that would need it more, but is feeling alright with them.

In his free time, he likes long walks, and sometimes he cooks, in which he is pretty good. Most people think he haves a nice smile, and most of girls in his village think that the is pretty good-looking. However, he likes to have right, and doesn't like when someone disagrees to him. He is rather mature for his age.



Servine Form

In his second game, Snively is able to change into a Servine when going through a special portal that leads to the planet in which Team Gemstones takes place, he transforms into a Servine whenever he visits there.


When in his Servine form Snively wears his trademark red cape like when in human form, he has red eyes and also all the features a regular Servine would possess.



  • His name is taken from Uil Team (tbc)'s Snivy from Pokemon White.