Full Name Sneezy Nasalle
Current Age 10
Gender Male
Location Swamp Forest
Main Weapon(s) His claws
First Appearance Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission
Latest Appearance Virtual Virus: Digits in Distress

Sneezy Nasalle, mostly called Sneezy, is the protagonist of the Virtual Virus series. He lives, together with his Tribe. When the tribe was attacked by Dr. Louis Slamonella. The tribe decided that Sneezy looked like the hero in the legends. Thus, he started his quest...


Sneezy is an 80 centimeters tall Chill-virus, he sometimes wears a green baseballcap.


Sneezy is an hero, but sometimes does clumsy things'because 'he does not know how to be an hero'. During the game, he gains more self confidence, but this even grows to overconfidence.

Game Apeearances

Virtual Virus: Sneezy's First Mission

Sneezy debuts in this game, he begins as an little child, being tortured by Bruce during his quest, but after he defeats Slamonella his popularity begins to rise.

Virtual Virus: Digits in Distress

Sneezy is confirmed to be in this game, he has new neighbours and lives somewhere else in the forest for unknown reasons. Nothing else is confirmed.

Relationship with other characters


Dizzy is the best friend of Sneezy, and have a playful relationship with eachother, they like to pull pranks with each other, Sneezy also tries to learn Dizzy something, but Dizzy will never get it.


Whacky and Sneezy have more an work relationship than a real friendship, Sneezy learns from Whacky in the beginning of the game, but Sneezy eventually surpasses him, but Whacky does not care. Sneezy is more playful than Whacky, and Whacky tries to let him be something more mature, as he says that only then he can be the hero.

Bruce/Brucya MCnay

Bruce and Sneezy don't go along very well, having an rivalry between each other. Bruce is known to be torturing Sneezy throughout the game.