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Not to be confused with Snatch.

Snatch Bandit
Species Bandit
First Appearance Yoshi's New Island 2 (2020)
You have made it so far! Think that Snatch can took off the babies with me!?
Kamek, Yoshi's New Island 2

Snatch Bandit is the World 2 boss of Yoshi's New Island 2. He starts off with a normal Bandit, but suddenly mutates thanks to Kamek's magic mallet. Snatch Bandit attacks by ground pounding near a Yoshi or a Birdo and when the baby knocks off, Snatch provides stealing him/her. He is immune to eggs, but can be jumped on three times like a normal Bandit. When he is hit, his face turns red and jumps even higher. After being hit a second time, he produces shockwaves to hurt Yoshi. He is defeated if the player jumps on him three times.

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