Not to be confused with Snatch Bandit.

I'm having games for ya, but this costs some money!
Snatch, Crayon Mario 2: The Legend of the Time Flower

Snatch is a blue Bandit who is found in certain areas in Crayon Mario 2: The Legend of the Time Flower and was Mario's opponent in the Mini Battles. He is only encountered only after the partner joins Mario's team in each Chapter. In one part, after Chapter 3 is beaten, Snatch reveals himself to be Larson's (from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) cousin. If the player entered the minigame code at the title screen, the second player will assume the role of Snatch, making him a playable character.


  • Snatch's name is a pun on "snatch," an alternate term for "steal."
  • In the Japanese version, Snatch's face was red after the balloon popped him in the Balloon Toss minigame. This was altered in the North American and PAL versions, where they where his face will be only white even after the balloon popped him.
  • At the end of the Crayon Mario 2: The Legend of the Time Flower, Snatch is wearing the Yoshi mask. This is a reference to the Bandit in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, who also wear a Yoshi mask. This may implied that he is the one of the Bandits that faced Yoshi in that game, although he seems ageless.
  • A Bandit boss character from Yoshi's New Island 2 was also named Snatch.

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