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To activate this transformation,Mario must use a Snapper Mushroom. When in this form,he retains his clothes and cap and mustace and voice,but he has turned into a Snapper. In this transformation,he is no picky eater and he will eat any enemy,reguardless of size,whole. However,after eating 5 enemies,Mario will be temperarly unable to eat anything.

Triva and Quotes


- Mario,The New Adventures of Mario and Friends

"What happened? I just used that strange mushroom and now I feel like I've changed into something else."

- Mario,The New Adventures of Mario and Friends,before realising he turned into a Snapper

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! I'M A SNAPPER!!!!!!!!"

- Mario,The New Adventures of Mario and Friends,after realising he turned into a Snapper

As confirmed on TV when this transformation appears,the reason why Snapper Mario can not eat anything for a bit after eating 5 enemies,is because he says that he needs to rest from eating until he is not so full.

All enemies,reguardless of size and bravery,are afraid of this transformation because they are in danger of being eaten by Snapper Mario.

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